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Xmas Hands 2020
Hand 1 - Weak 2s Make It Difficult for Opponents

2  weak opening 5-9 HCPs makes it difficult for bidding.

After a pass S can bid 4 using the law of total tricks.

W has a difficult decision. Double or bid 5D.

Over the double E  has to decide whether to bid 5 or 6 ♣ pass, Partner expects a couple of tricks, but a great fit in   d with the 3 s in hand suggesting W will be short in  s may suggest 6, but most people will only bid 5.

Without the weak 2 bid many will be able to show key cards and get to 6 or ♣s. 


Bd 2 - 3D or 3N

1  - P - 1♠  -P will be normal

Due to the weakness of the ♣ s E is likley to rebid 2 .

W will show 5/4 shape with a 2  bid.

E hand has improved with W bids of  ♥s  and ♠ s.

3♣ would be 4th suit forcing, so choice is 3 s or invite with 2N. 2N will be passed and should go  down. 3  should also go down, but with good chances of making.

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B3 Difficult One - Bid 2H, 3H or 2N

North should downgrade his hand and just raise to 2 s.

Some Es will overcall a vulnerable 2♠, risky, but could be a useful lead generation bidding.

The S bid makes it easier for S to bid 4 s as N is likely to be short.

What will N do over a 3 bid that could be taken as competitive. 

How to invite, normally a new suit at the 3 level would be invitational and asking for support in that suit. So 3  by S would strengthen N hand, resulting in 4♥. 



Bd 4 3 or 4H?

1N (12-14) then N may want to bid a pre-emptive 3♣. As many use Landy then south will probably try 3H. Is this forcing or invitational? If forcing 4H might be one too many. 

Important to make the most tricks in defence. Possible to limit N/S to 8 tricks, but no-one did! 9 tricks is a near top for EW and 10 is a near bottom!

There is a useful function on the website for replaying the hands if you are unsure how to make a certain number of tricks.



Duplicate - good part score or push for a game?

East has an easy 1♠ bid with an easy redbid of 2 

W may try a weak 1N response or a 2♠ response with only 3 card support. Over 1N - 2 shows the shape 5/4+ , borderline with a 5 loser hand to invite with 3 . 

Over a 2♠ rebid many will invite either via a simple 3♠ or a game try, asking for help in  s the weak suit.

Those that accepted the invite went off. 2 or 3  being the right contract.

Bd 6 Should I Respond?

1  opening by E.

Does W bid? But mentioning a major with 4 1/2 HCPs and also Ss seems a good idea. 

N may overcall with his 5 card S suit.

E will then bid 1N with his 2 good stops and 15-17 HCPs.

If W does not bid, N has an easy balancing overcall of 1♠ which may result in the same continuation.

1N should not make with best defence, though everyone in it, made it, sometimes with overtricks.

Best defence is a C lead, but with partner bidding ♠ s, K♠ s will be led which gives a trick away. Classic danger of an overcall with J high suits! Competing is often important though.

Bd 7 Major or Minor Game?

1♠ followed by 2♣ will be bid by most people.

The choice for West?

2♠  is probably too weak with 6 losers, good shape and fit with partner.

3♠ is a good invitation, showing shape and 6 card shape. East will then value his  s and Q♠ will be useful and bid 4♠ s

If West shows support for ♣ s with 3♣ s and will then see it raised to 5♣ s.

Duplicate will give the 4♠ bidders tops, 5♣ bidders around 40% and those not in game a bottom. 


Bd 8 Landy Gives Worse Result!

Those with Landy will bid 2♣ showing the majors and East will chose 2♠.

Natural bidders will go 2 which is a better contract. 5/2 often better than 4/3 in trumps.