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10th September 19
Hand 1

Standard weak 2 by South.

West should probably bid 3♠ to show a strong hand with solid ♠ s.

East has a difficult decision. 3♠ support is good, the  Q doubleton not great nor the 6 HCPs.

Take your pick

Hand 2

East opens 1 with an easy rebid of 2 .

Here with 5322 balanced hand and a stop in the unbind Major and 12 HCPs 2NT is probably better than 2♦.

East has most of points outside  s so helps with NTs so pass is good, though it goes off 1 as does 3 s which is the alternative bid. 

Hand 3

South is a strong 14 HCPs and with a 4 card major in 4432 shape, opening 1 and rebidding 1NT over 1♠ might be best option.

particularly here as west will bid 2♠ over 1 or 1NT.

Here with 1 , 2♠ north has to decide between 4 or 3♠ (which many will take as denying support but looking for a ♠  stop for 3NT, so you end up in 4 either way.

If West does not over call with 2♠ , north May splinter with 3♠ showing a void or Singleton in ♠ s and game values this would lead to 6 s which with normal (statistical play) which will go one off when one plays the normal finesses in  s loses to the Q.

Hand 5

North opens 1♠ 

South has to decide between 2 and 2NT. I think 2 is probably better as no stop in  s the other major which becomes an obvious lead in NTs.

partner shows shape with 3♣ and more values than a rebid of ♠ s.

south then has a bid of 4♠ with 3 card support and values in north’s second suit.