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27th August 19
Hand 1

Standard 1♠ opening by East with an easy rebid of 2 s to show 5+/4+ shape.

West can bid 2♣ .

After East rebids 2 s this shows a currrent miss fit so a useful convention is 'Fourth Suit Forcing'. It does not show  s but forces East to either:

  • bid 3 s with 5+♠ s / 5+  s. that would allow West to bid 4 s with 3 card support
  • bid 3NT with a stop in  s.

So after bidding 3NT it should just make.


Hand 2

South should not open with this 11 HCP points, though 5♠ /4 s is easy to bid and rebid. The K♣ singleton risks not having 3 HCPs of value. In position 3 after 2 passes 1♠ might be worth considering for its pre-emptive value.

North opens 1♣ with an easy 1NT rebid to show a balanced 15-16 HCPs.

South responds 1♠ 

Then North rebids 1NT.

South has a difficult decision, there is a game, so do you show your weak  suit by bidding 3 s or rebid 3NT.

It costs nothing to bid 3 s, showing the shape and in this case North will raise to 4 s which in principle is the best contract. However the 3 bid shows the shape and identifies the lead of   s. In this case a  lead is not a problem. 

Hand 5

Safe rebid of  s so East can open 1 .

West has loads of HCPs so can bid 2♣ as he has enough points to rebid  s.

East rebids 2 s.

West jump bids 3 s, which may be only a stop in  s looking for 3NTs.

With a ♠ stop East can bid 3NTs.

West is interested in a slam and can bid 4NT to 'quantitatively' invite a slam.

East is minimum but has a 6 card suit headed by AK and an outside A which is great for a slam. So bids 6 .

West will be tempted to bid 6NT which makes but is difficult to make.

Hand 6

West with 19HCPs can only open 1 .

North can make life difficult with a 3 or with 8 s bid 4 s.

Over 3 s east can either bid 3♠ s or double. Double gives more options and suggests support for the other suits. West can then bid 3NT as he has good stops against  s.

Over 4  east should also double. Then West has a difficult decision, whether to bid 4 s as their is implied support for  s, 4NT (to play - Not Blackwood) or pass for penalties. In this case passing is the best decision though on other hands 4NT might be a better decision.

Not an easy one!

Hand 7

West can bid a pre-emptive 2 . Some might not like this as he also has 4♠ s. Some may open 1 as with a 6/4 suit combination is often a strong distribution and this hand meets the rule of 19 but not 20.

North has points, not an ideal distribution but can double.

South has to bid, the only 4 card suit is ♣ s so 3♣ buys the auction.


Hand 8

East has an easy 2 pre-emptive opening.

North overcalls 2♠ 

South raises to 3♠ s

North with a good hand raises to 4♠ s.

East has an easy lead because of the 2 bid - a low  , partners suit.

If East has not bid, against 4♠ s East is unlikely to lead a  and all other leads lead to 4♠ s making. On a  lead 4♠ s goes off one.


Hand 9

East is better to bid 1NT with his balanced 5332 hand rather than 1 .

West has a great source of tricks with his long solid ♣ c, so can bid 3NT the best contract.

Hand 12

With 15-18 HCPs north can double Wests 1NT opening bid.

It is important to have an agreed defence of 1NT doubled as this often occurs.

A transfer 'wriggle' is often used.

redouble = ♣ s

♣ s =  s

 s =  s

 s = ♠ s

In this case you arrive at the best contract of 2♠ s.. 

Hand 13

North opens 1♣  with an easy rebid of 2♣ .

South bids his 4 card ♠  suit and North rebids 2♣ .

South shows 11-12 HCPs with 2NT.

North can either pass or bid 3NT as the ♣ might be a good source of tricks.

Worth using the hand playing function on the website. To defeat 3NT west needs to lead a  . With the bidding west is likely to lead a low  . Same strength as  suit, but often NT bidders will have mentioned a major if they had it. However this time it is not right.