Spade Heart Dorking Bridge Club Diamond Club
13th December 2018
Bd 3

With values in the short suit probably best to bid 1NT.

The weaker alternative is for W to bid 1♠ and East responds 2♣. West rebids the ♠ s and then East who would like to get to bid 3NT but is worried about  s. Many will play 3 s as showing a stopper encouraging West to bid 3NT with  s stopped.

Bd 4

After two passes in hand 3 try to make a disruptive bid. 1 makes it more difficult for South to bid. A bid of 1♣ or  is not disruptive.

With 10HCPs and 9 cards in top two suits this meets the rule of 19 so worth bidding 1 even when vulnerable.

It would be a mistake for East to respond 2♠ over 1NT as this is a reverse and shows 16+ HCPs, though showing 5 s and 4♠ s.

Bd 6

With South you have a 3 loser hand with Spades as trumps. So bid 4♠ s.

With best defence it only make 9 tricks, losing 3 ♠ s and the 9♣ s.

However no one saw the importance of keeping the 4♣ s when Spades are run.

Bd 8

After 3 passes does East bid 3 or 4♠ s.

With 4 losers you only need a couple of good cards e.g.Q s and K s or A♣ s.

Makes it difficult for the opposition to compete if they double and bid 4 s.

There are infact 6 losers - 2 s, 3 s and 1♣ .

However most people only lost by 1 or 2 tricks.



Bd 9

Some may not bid 1  with North as it is a weak 11 HCP hand containing 2 Queens, one of which was a doubleton.

East with 18 HCPs should double before bidding ♣ s.

Some people made 4♣ s others only 3♣ s.

With 8♣ s one should take the finesse with 9 ♣ s one would take the drop by playing A and K of ♣ s. If there is no information suggesting a different route. if North has bid  s twice, this would suggest South has only 4 HCPs or so, suggesting the finesse would be even better on HCPs, but distribution would suggest South had more ♣ s? In this case the drop, anti statisics, would have worked!

Bd 10

Many jumped to game after East raises 1♠  to 2♠ .

There is a double fit in  s and ♠ s which is important as is a 4 card suit and a singleton.

however on the lay of the cards either 4 or 4♠ s should go one off. Not helped by a 4/1 trump split and the K♠ s on the wrong side.

Bd 12

South has bith  and ♠ s, but only 11 HCPs but as N/S will not be outbid it is worth opening. If they were ♣ or  s it would be wrong to open as E/W can probably outbid you.

North has a great fit for  s. East with 4 trumps and a maximum, but 2 good  s has a difficult call. Here he will go down doubled by 3 = -500. But a vulnerable game = -620.

Bd 14

North with a 7 card suit can do a weak 3 or 4  .


Bd 17

In 3rd hand one should be aggresive with a pre-empt. In hand 1 less so and in hand 2 one should be robust. 

In 3rd hand with one hand to go it is clear the opposition has the points. In position one with 5-9 HCPs, and average of 7, the opposition are likely to have 22 points and your partner 11 on average.

In 1st hand the opposition are likely to have more points than you so be disruptive if you can.

Here many will see 6  s and just bid 2 s. However with 5s♣ as well you have a good example of if you are 6/4 bid more (as you are 6/5). So well worth considering a 3   bid as you have a solild suit. This makes it difficult for East to bid.

Bd 19

Standard 2♠  opener.

West should overcall with 15HCPs and a 5 card suit that is raised by East to 4 s.

Bd 21

Though 10HCPs it includes a Queen doubleton so should be downgraded, so open a weak 2.

Whilst only 12 HCPs, the ♠ s are likely to be a source of tricks and great distribution so worth exploring.

2NT Ogust

With a maximum points and strong suit 3♠  is the response.

So game is found.

Bd 22

Do you double with 15-18 or 16-18?

If North doubles does East have a way of escaping or wriggle to escape an awful contract?