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Hand Evaluation

This is key, a 15 HCP hand can be weaker than a 14 HCP hand.

If in NTs Ts and 5 card suits can strengthen your hand.

If in a suit contract shortages (voids and singletons) are more valuable. Splinter bids can show both agreement to trumps, game values and a shortage in the suit bid.

Re-evaulate your hand with the bids. e.g. A bid or double on your right strengthens your hand if you have unsupported Ks, but weakens it if it is on your left.

A key tool on evaluating your hand if you find a trump fit is Losing Trick Count.

NT Hand Evaluation

Key when evaluating your opening and responding bids

1NT Is my 14 HCPs too strong and should I bid a suit and rebid 1NT to show 15-16?

2NT or bid one of a suit if a weak 20HCPs or bid 2C and rebid 2NT with a strong 22?

Response to 1NT opener do I pass, invite or bid 3NT straight away?

The next section shows what strengthens or weakens hands.