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Training Ideas
Useful Links

Useful website links on the Dorking bridge site menu has some superb websites with tips, problems and articles on bridge bidding and play.

On this page will be ideas to improve your bridge:

How to use the website to replay hands with what are the best leads and plays.

1. Go to the hand that interests you.
2. Click the button below the bridge hand square "Play it again"
3. You get a new window with the hand "Bridge Solver Online".
4. Click the button on the bottom right "Analyse".
5. If there were no maximum contracts possible in the table above Analyse these will now appear.
6. Select and click the contract you want to play in the table. (If you played it this will often be indicated in yellow - but you may want to switch the contract to be played from the other side).
7. You then see the cards that can be lead. In the same square it also shows a second number which is the number of tricks that can be made by that side. Green = Good, Yellow = Bad.
8. You then click the card you want to play, it then shows the card that can then be played by the dummy and then continues with you making the choices.