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You are on lead 25% of the time and can often be the difference between a top and a bottom in duplicate.

  • What suit?
  • What card from the suit?
  • Agressive or pasive lead?
  • How does the bidding help me with the lead?

It is not straightforward.

Here are two introductory articles from MrBridges on leads


Ron Klinger's 1 hour video on leads - dated look but good content.


A good discussion on options of passive or active leads in different situations.


Standard Leads Lists

A table of standard leads against no trumps and suit contracts.


Bridgehand's list of leads.

Their videos on lead's (from 4mins point)


EBU Convention card in word (*.doc) format that include standard leads.


As always - agree with your partner lead expectations and responses.

Lead Directing Doubles (LDD)

The double of an artificial bid by the opposition can often lead to a safe or a lead that gives the defence a crucial additional trick. Make it easy for your partner.

Typical sequences are doubles of transfers or stayman over NT bids.

The normal requirements are 3 out of top 5 honours if a 5 card suit or 2 out of top 4 honours with a 6 card suit.

Here is a link to a good article from Larry Cohen on Lead Directing Doubles