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Hand Commentaries

My views. The great thing about bridge is the variety of how hands can be bid.  Please let me know of any questions or alternative points of interest in the hands. There is never a correct sequence or play which is why the game is so interesting. Please send any feedback, questions or hands you would like some commentary on.

Previous Hand Commentaries

After 1 -2 North invites with 3 s and South accepts the invitation as being maximum for their 2 response.

With best defence that is difficult to find at the table it should go one down. 3 made 2 went one down, 

East has a choice of which doubleton to lead. Use the website to play the hand. As the cards lay 6♣ is the winning defence to 4 s. There is nothing from the bidding to choose beween the a ♣ or lead. However the  9 is more likely to be a singleton or a doubleton than a 6♣ which may be from an honour containing suit.

After 1 - 1 - 3NT then shows a balanced 19 HCP hand. S will see there are enough points for a slam, with the void, 6 s or 6♠ s are likely to be better. So 4♠ s shows the shape of 5 s and 4♠s so N can decide on what slam to bid. With 3 s and not 4♠ s will choose 6 s. N with a 4333 shape may choose the duplicate 6NT contract, but will only make 12 tricks and loose out to 6 s making 13.

After 1NT by E a contract that normally scores very well when Non Vulnerable. As can be seen one East  was allowed to play in 1N making 5 tricks which resulted in a top. Many will bid a natural 2 by South with opening points and a (weak) 5 card suit. This is likely to be passed out.

Advanced How did two pairs get to game? Some will use artificial bids to show at least 4/4 in the majors. e.g. Landy where 2♣ shows both majors.

Some Souths may open 1C with 5 points and a rebiddable 5 card suit. This probably does not stop pre-emptying with 3 s. North will pass. East has a difficult decision, he probably has 3 tricks to add to Wests likely 7 tricks (when vulnerable pre-emptive bids should expect to be only minus 2) which would suggest bidding 4♥. However East values are opposite the void rather than the suits. In addition the K♣ s will loose to Souths AQ.

Over 3 or 4  South may double to show shortage and support for other suits. North can then bid 3 or 4♠s which will give a good result.


2♣ whilst only 16 points it only has 3 losers. 2♠ positive response. 3 showing the suit. 3♠ showing a 6+ card suit. East now knows of a 6 2 fit. 4NT RKCB is of no use due to the void. So the choice is to go for 6♠ s or use exclusion RKCB. By bidding above a game contract this asks for  keycard blackwood responses responses in the agreed or last bid suit excluding the suit bid - this is known as exclusion keycard Blackwood. Here the response is for ♠ s to show 2 keycards and the Q♠s. With this information E could bid 7♠ s.

1♥ then after a 1NT response the response of 3 shows a 5/4 distribution and 16+HCPs, East with a strong 6 card suit can try 3NT as the best hope for game.