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Welcome to Dorking Bridge Club

We are a small friendly club with currently approximately 85 members and have been granted charitable status. 

We play duplicate bridge every Tuesday and Thursday evenings (7.15 pm for 7.30 pm, finishing at about 10.30 pm). 

We usually have up to 9 tables each evening, and EBU Masterpoints are awarded to the highest placed players.

We play with computer dealt boards and use Bridgemate scoring equipment. 

Visitors are always welcome and we have a spare partner on most evenings so if you want to come without a partner you can usually be assured of being able to play.

However, we recommend that you contact us in advance (01306 884242) so that we know to expect you.


Christmas Party

We hope everyone had a lovely evening.

Thanks go to all those who helped by bringing food etc and Sheena, Sue, Sue, Val, Graham, David and Sandra who were instrumental in having a lovely evening.

Seasonal Greetings to everyone.

Other photos are on our Facebook Page Xmas Party Photos (If you have not liked, please Like the post or page).



Promoting Dorking Bridge Club

Please help promote the club.





EBU National Grading Scheme

 If you want to know more about NGS, please see



Dorking Standard Convention Card - ACOL EBU Weak 2s.

These are aligned with the standard EBU Bridge Training slightly modified by the most common conventions used at Dorking Bridge Club and is ideal for those playing with our spare partner.

Please provide any feedback you have to this convention card.

Dorking ACOL weak 2s.doc that can be edited.

Dorking ACOL weak 2s pdf.pdf. pdf 

Competition Change

The committee has decided to introduce a new competition aimed at widening the number of members who can win an annual prize.
This competition will be aimed at non-expert players and will generate 4 prize winners each year.
It will consist of a Spring event running from 1 April to 31 July and an Autumn event running from 1 August to 30 November. It will be open to all members not considered to qualify as experts. Each event will have 2 sections (Blue and Red) of equal numbers. The sections will be decided by ability as measured by their NGS rating at the beginning of the event.
The winner of each section will qualify for a prize to be awarded at the end of the year. The four sections will be called as follows:-
Spring Blue, Spring Red, Autumn Blue, Autumn Red.
Experts are defined as players who have an NGS rating of Jack or above (ie. An NGS rating of 55.00 or higher). At 1 April 2019 Dorking Bridge Club had 15 members with this rating. Therefore each section will consist of 35 members for the first Spring event.
The competition will be an individual event.
The winners will be the members who achieve the highest average percentage of all pairs events (including both Tuesdays and Thursdays) played during the period of the competition irrelevant of who their partners were.
To qualify for inclusion a member must have played at 5 times during the qualifying period.
If a player wins one of the Spring events they are disqualified from the Autumn event of that year. This is to ensure that we always get 4 different winners (plus ties).
Results achieved before a player becomes a member do not count.

On behalf of the Committee.

Analyse Your Bridge Hands.

Reviewing your hands is a useful training aid and can be done on website.

This is part 1 that shows the actual hands and results.

Part 2 will show you how you can play the hands to make the maximum number of tricks and where you might have gone wrong!

Analyse Your Bridge Hands.

Leatherhead Cafe Bridge

Relaxed day of sociable bridge on Wednesday 29th April. 

Link to details


For those who’ve learned to play in the last 5 years
with an NGS of 5 or less

Sunday 8 March 2020, 11.00 – 3.00 approx
Horsham Bridge Club, 22a East Street, Horsham, RH12 1HL


Betchworth Charity Bridge Drive

Thursday 5th March

Supporting Mary Francis Trust

For more details - Betchworth Charity Bridge Drive.pdf

Mini Bridge

One of the EBU training key initiatives is 'Mini Bridge'. especially for kids.

Here is a link to the instructions

Have Fun!

For the booklet with useful training ideas.

So frustrating to learn how you could have bid or made the best contract!

18th February 2020
North Holmwood Village Hall 19.30
Host: Dicky Bird
20th February 2020
North Holmwood Village Hall 19:30
Host: John Neal
25th February 2020
North Holmwood Village Hall 19.30
Host: Richard Arnatt
27th February 2020
North Holmwood Village Hall 19:30
Host: Janet Richmond-Smith
3rd March 2020
North Holmwood Village Hall 19.30
Host: Janice Hansen
5th March 2020
North Holmwood Village Hall 19:30
Host: Jenny Perks
10th March 2020
North Holmwood Village Hall 19.30