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 Teams Night 

The next teams of 4 session is on Wednesday 20th November 2019


Do not forget to sign up for this popular event. There is a limit of 15 tables.

Children in Need 2019

The Simultaneous Pairs National Competition for the charity Children in Need will be held on Wednesday Evening the 13th November at 7 pm. The Fee per player will be £4.00

Notes on Using the Lift

The  p      

Calling the lift. Press the button on the outside door and HOLD it down until the lift arrives. Release the button once the “ding-dong” sound is heard, then the door can be opened

  Preparing to travel in the Lift. The traveller/carer, and equipment, must all be positioned inside the boundary marked by a yellow square painted on the floor. Do not prop any equipment along the walls of the lift; do not lean on the side of the lift: and note the position of the Alarm Safety buttons on the dashboard.

    Moving in the Lift  Press the appropriate button to indicate the intended movement. Hold this particular button down throughout the whole time the lift is moving to the appropriate floor and only release this pressed button after the “ding-dong” sound is heard. The door will now be available to open for exit.

       Visitors will only be able to use the lift when accompanied by a member. Personnel from an External Company and YCBA Team Captains will receive prior information of these procedures. Children are not allowed in the lift.




Grimoldby Cup
Grimoldby Cup

The Grimoldby Cup Team competition was held in October and the winning Team was composed of Jane and Steve Ballans, together with Chris Gilbert and Sarah Brown. They were outright winners with 62 IMPs with the second placed team accumulating just 53 IMPs. Eight teams participated in the event and a full list of results may be found on the website.


Yorkshire league

For Yorkshire League information please click on the membership icon

Welcome to Doncaster Bridge Club

We welcome all bridge players to our warm and comfortable premises. Parking is available at the rear of the club accessed via the Doncaster Sports Club entrance. We run duplicate bridge sessions most afternoons and evenings. See "Where and when" under the "Information" tab on the left.

Our club is a private members' club providing extensive facilities for its members and visitors. These include a well-stocked bar and soft-drink refreshments. Our facilities also include disabled access via a ramp at the rear of the club and inside, a lift connecting the downstairs playing and social areas of the club to the upstairs playing area and kitchen facilities. Toilets (including toilets for the disabled) are situated on both floors of our premises.

We look forward to welcoming you to our club to join in and play our favourite card game. We also welcome enquiries from players looking for a 'half-way house' so that teams do not have to travel so far when needing to play that all important NICKO or other competition match.

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Seminars 2019-2020

A course of seminars with Geoff Kenyon starts on Wednesday 9th October at 10. 30 am. Although this course is designed for players who have progressed from the beginners' classes, the seminars are open to all members.

The first part of the seminar will focus on a particular topic and will finish about 11.15. There will be a short break for coffee, followed by a play and discussion session which will finish about 12.30 pm. The course will run fortnightly on the following dates: 9th October; 23rd October; 6th November; 20th November; 4th December; 18th December; 15th January; 29th January; 12th February; 26th February; 11th March; 25th March. 

On Thursday evenings there is an Improvers' Session, starting at 7.00 pm.

Fri 15th November 2019
Friday Afternoon Pairs
Fri 15th November 2019
Friday Evening Pairs
Mon 18th November 2019
Monday Afternoon Pairs
Thursday Evening Improvers
Director: Mike Chapman
Scorer: Doncaster Bridge Club
Wednesday Improvers
Director: G Kenyon
Scorer: Doncaster Bridge Club
Children in Need
Director: G Kenyon
Scorer: Doncaster Bridge Club
New Lessons for Beginners

A new weekly programme of  Lessons For Beginners with teacher Geoff Kenyon (01302 311093)  will begin on Thursday October 3rd from 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm.  Those wishing to revisit previous lessons are very welcome.  For further details please contact Mary Stones (Secretary) 01302 721649/


Yorkshire League 2019-2020 Fixtures

27th October 2019

10th November 2019

1st December 2019

5th January 2020

26th January 2020

16th February 2020

8th March 2020

(provisional dates)

 Doncaster Swiss Pairs  

♠ Sunday 2nd February 2020 @ 1:00pm ♠