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CLUB WILL BE CLOSED 11/4-11/8 (except Tuesday a.m. Beginning Bridge Class) because of DAYTONA REGIONAL.

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Name Badges are for sale at the club.  Please see the Game Directors for order form.  
Partnership Desk

Jessie Turner  - 240 points. Looking for someone to play in club games with her and someone who would like to go to tournaments with her.   386-451-8618

Janie Elliott - 144 points. Would like to find a mentor.  (727) 204-2088

Taffy Abbaticchio - Would like to find a partner for any of the morning games, or limited games.  386-428-1711.

Bob Parr - 105 points is looking for a partner for any games. 386-317-8319 or 828-606-2437.

Susan Weis - Would like partner for Wednesday am. games. 386-846-0395.  31 points.

Gordon Deckelbaum - Monday June 17th only. Is traveling through. 3100 + points. 954-401-7388.

Dan Stockwell - Monday, Wed, and Fri p.m. games June 27 - July 13.  1000 points.  915-205-1885.






Please call the club to request a partner. 
(386) 255-7744
Every effort will be made to accommodate your request.