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ACBL’s Regional Event At the Club House (REACH) is an ACBL-wide regional that enables players to compete against each other and earn gold points from the comfort of their local club.  The same set of deals are played by members in every participating club, but because it’s a regional event, players can earn gold or red points while playing in their regular club games!  Any ACBL member can play in REACH after registering and paying a fee of $30 via an online link. The REACH fee is in addition to the normal card fees charged by participating clubs. REACH will be held between Monday July 28 and Saturday August 3rd.  [Note: Our club is only offering the Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon sessions. ]  Any registered REACH players may play in any club running a REACH game.  Players can only play one REACH game per day. To qualify, players must play in a minimum of two sessions.



Earn Gold Points in your regular club game!

The Regional Event At Club House (REACH) is back, giving ACBL members another chance to win gold or red points at their local club during regularly scheduled games.

REACH for Education — a special REACH benefitting the ACBL Educational Foundation — will take place during the week following the Summer NABC (July 29-August 3). Play in at least two REACH sessions, and we’ll take the average of your two highest scores when awarding overall gold and red masterpoints, after allocating all participants into pools. (See the FAQ for more information about pools.)

To participate in REACH, players must pre-register and pay a one-time US$30 fee. Clubs not currently registered with The Common Game will also need to register to receive deals and other information, but they do not pay any fee.

  • Play in the same club or visit a different one every REACH day! Clubs have some flexibility for scheduling REACH sessions, and many are planning to host extra games for REACH.
  • REACH Registrations are individual, so you can play with different partners. They don’t even need to be participating in REACH!
  • About 3200 players participated in the last REACH event. 760 of them took Gold/Red overall points.
  • Don’t miss the opportunity to compete in another regional tournament, right at home!

Participating is easy

  1. Call one or more participant clubs to confirm their REACH schedule. Most of their regular afternoon sessions are also REACH games!
  2. Check that your ACBL Member dues are up-to-date.
  3. Register to play in REACH.
  4. Play in two or more REACH games, in one or several clubs. As usual, you’ll pay the club entry fee and compete for black points.
  5. That’s it!

Your club(s) will submit the game results so we can calculate overall awards once REACH is over. REACH participants can play in up to six sessions, but only the two best scores are used to calculate overalls.