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Individual BBO tournaments

The standard convention card for individual events as part of the Deva virtual club can be downloaded as a word document (click here) or as a web page (click here).

New to the Deva?

For details of our programme of lessons, pairs sessions, teams league, supervised social play, gentle duplicate and rubber bridge click on information in the menu above this message.

Deva Bridge Club Ltd

Deva Bridge Club Ltd is a company limited by guarantee number 8645380 registered in England & Wales, registered office:

Deva Bridge Club
WI Hall
Village Road
CH3 7AS.

The club is affilated to the English Bridge Union and to Merseyside & Cheshire Bridge Association.

Lessons and Practice Sessions
Beginners lessons

We run beginners lessons at the Deva Bridge Club on Thursday afternoons (starting at 1.15 pm). Each lesson is £5 per person (pay on arrival) which includes teaching, handouts, playing practice hands with advice from the teacher/helpers and a break for tea/coffee and biscuits. Please ensure that you arrive in time to park, pay and get seated before the lesson starts.

We also run an email mailing list which can be very helpful for homework, reminders etc. and for pupils to ask us questions.

The programme of beginners lessons is in stages to help pupils progress from knowing nothing about bridge to being able to play a competent but basic game. This staged approach is also helpful for people who need to refresh themselves on some parts of the basics of bidding and play. The stages are:

  1. Minibridge
  2. Opening bids and basic declarer play
  3. Responses and rebids
  4. Competitive auctions and
  5. Strong hands, conventions and pre-empts.

Don't worry if these terms don't mean anything to you at this stage - just come along and enjoy!

Our beginners programme starts on the first Thursday in October and runs through (with breaks for Christmas and Easter) to the end of April. Please don't worry if you have missed the first lesson or two or are going to be away. We will be happy to help you catch up.

To see the schedule of lessons for the Thursday beginners lessons click here.

For more information please email:

Improvers lessons

The improvers lessons are similar in format to the beginners lessons but take place at 10 am on Thursdays.

We run a rolling programme of improvers lessons over two years so you can drop in or out as it suits your needs. Once again we will be happy to help you catch up if you miss any lessons.

To see this year's improvers programme click here.

There is also an improvers class this year on Friday evenings at 7pm.

For more information please email:

Supervised play

We run two programmes of supervised play:

Once the Thursday lessons have finished we run supervised play sessions on Thursday afternoons until the end of July. These work in the same way as the beginners lessons (1.15 pm start, £5 pay on the door etc.) but give you a chance to practice using randomly dealt hands with support and advice on bidding and play.

There is also a supervised social play programme which runs on Monday afternoons with a 1 pm start from October to April. These sessions provide an ideal opportunity for less experienced players to play  in a more realistic environment but with plenty of help available and no time pressure or competitive element involved. These are charged at the normal club rate of £2 per session for club members and £3 per session for visitors.

Please check the calendar to ensure that the session you want to attend is being held.

Gentle duplicate

When players feel ready to try playing duplicate bridge they may appreciate the opportunity to learn the ropes by playing at a slightly slower pace with other less experienced players. Gentle duplicate sessions normally run from May to September.

Players should already feel confident to play without referring to a bidding sheet or asking advice. This doesn’t mean that you need to play without making mistakes but that you feel confident enough to make your own decisions about bidding and play. Gentle duplicate sessions are held on Wednesday evenings at the South end of the room (there will  normally be a regular club session at the North end of the room). There will be a host for these sessions so it is not necessary to come with a partner. Arrive at 6.45 for a 7 pm start. These sessions are chaarged at the normal club rate of £2 per person for members and £3 per  person for visitors.

Please check the calendar to ensure that the session you wish to attend is being held.