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The standard convention card for individual events as part of the Deva virtual club can be downloaded as a word document (click here) or as a web page (click here).

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Deva Bridge Club Ltd

Deva Bridge Club Ltd is a company limited by guarantee number 8645380 registered in England & Wales, registered office:

Deva Bridge Club
WI Hall
Village Road
CH3 7AS.

The club is affilated to the English Bridge Union and to Merseyside & Cheshire Bridge Association.

Chester Congress
2020 Congress

The 2020 Chester Congress was held on the weekend of 25-26th January 2020and resulted in a clean sweep for Deva members!

Results for Saturday's pairs competition (the Capel Cup):

The qualifying competition was won by Barry Jones and Bob Pitts who went on to win the final.

Here they are seen being presented with their trophies by Club President Russ Whelan.

The runners up were Seb Jones and Keith Shuttleworth.

The consolation event was won by Joe Przeworski and Bob Mitchell.

Results for Sunday's Swiss teams event (the Latham Knox Trophy):

The winning team were Bob Pitts, Colin Humphrey, Barry Jones and Daniel Miller.


The Chester Congress is played in January every year over two days. The two competitions are named after founder members of the club. On the Saturday pairs compete for the Capel Cup and on the Sunday there is a Swiss teams competition for the Latham Knox Trophy.

In addition to the trophies, cash prizes and bottles of wine are awarded.

Blue points are awarded for both competitions and entry is restricted to members of the EBU or affiliated organisations (e.g. WBU).

Rules and procedure

The match pointed Capel Cup pairs competition consists of a qualifying round (for which pairs are seated by a randon draw on arrival) followed, after a refreshment break, by a 7 table full Howell final. There is a consolation event for those pairs who do not qualify for the final.

The Swiss teams competition for the Latham Knox Trophy consists of six 8 board matches. Teams will be seated by a random draw for the first round after which they will be ranked.

2019 Congress

The 2019 Chester Congress was held on Saturday 26th (pairs) and Sunday 27th January (Swiss teams).

Congratulations to Peter Sumption and Laurence Stone who won the pairs competition on Saturday and are pictured being presented with the Capel Cup trophies by club President Russ Whelan.

The pairs results can be seeen in full by clicking on these links:

  1. Qualifying round
  2. Consolation final
  3. The final


The Latham Knox Trophy is presented by club President Russ Whelan to the winning team of Tracy Capal & Peter Kaufmann and Rhona & Bernard Goldenfeld.


Gillian McMullan and Roger Hopton finished second in the pairs.


John Currie and Rodnery Lighton came third.


Catherine and John Ashworth won the consolation final.

The results from the teams competition can be seeen in full by clicking here.

Previous winners

The Capel Cup:

  • 2018: Seb Jones and Keith Shuttleworth
  • 2017: Rodney Lighton & John Currie and Mark Weeks & Stuart Matthews (joint winners)
  • 2016: Seb Jones and Keith Shuttleworth
  • 2015: Rodney Lighton and John Currie
  • 2014: Rhona and Bernard Goldenfield
  • 2013: John and Julia Dearing
  • 2012: Angus Clark and George Eakin
  • 2011: Dan Crofts and Gary Hyett
  • 2010: Peter Kaufmann and David Stevenson

The Latham Knox Trophy:

  • 2018: Wyn Williams & Margaret Barnes and Sheila Shea & Edward Jones
  • 2017: Kath & Alan Nelson and Rhona & Bernard Goldenfield
  • 2016: Andrew Woodcock, Catherine Draper, Ollie Burgess and Michael Newman
  • 2015: Laurence Stone, Martin Cutbill, Ian Bates and Geoff Paddle
  • 2014: Duncan and Diane Ault, John and Cathy Ashworth
  • 2013: Catherine Draper, Andrew Petrie, Ollie Burgess and Andrew Woodcock