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Individual BBO tournaments

The standard convention card for individual events as part of the Deva virtual club can be downloaded as a word document (click here) or as a web page (click here).

New to the Deva?

For details of our programme of lessons, pairs sessions, teams league, supervised social play, gentle duplicate and rubber bridge click on information in the menu above this message.

Deva Bridge Club Ltd

Deva Bridge Club Ltd is a company limited by guarantee number 8645380 registered in England & Wales, registered office:

Deva Bridge Club
WI Hall
Village Road
CH3 7AS.

The club is affilated to the English Bridge Union and to Merseyside & Cheshire Bridge Association.

Host System Explained
Hosting at the Deva Bridge Club

Our host system is a valuable asset to our friendly and welcoming club. It has been running successfully since August 2001. It was introduced to ensure that people new to the club and those members without a regular partner are able to get a game for those sessions when the system is operated (Monday evening, Tuesday evening, Wednesday afternoon and Thursday evening).

We require hosts for approximately 200 sessions a year. The success of the system depends on members being prepared to act as a host. We hope to encourage more members to do so. It is expected that anyone using the host system should, unless they are new to the club or new to bridge, act as a host themselves. Please speak to a member of the hosting team in confidence if this is a problem.

To ensure that the system operates effectively members are asked to comply with the following:

  • The host for the evening should arrive no later than 15 minutes before the beginning of the session and should notify the director and the person taking the monies of their presence.
  • Similarly, any member wishing to take advantage of this facility should arrive no later than 10 minutes before the start of play and notify the person taking the monies that they are seeking a partner.
  • Members without partners will pair off as they arrive.
  • Ten minutes before the start of play the host will sit with any member without a partner to agree systems.
  • Any member seeking a partner who arrives later than 10 minutes before the start of play will only be allowed to play if another member seeking a partner also arrives late or if the host is still available.
  • Any host who cannot play in their agreed session should endeavour to find a replacement or swap. If they are unable to do so they should contact one of the organisers listed below.
  • If the host does not turn up and a regular host has come without a partner (s)he may be requested to act as the host for the evening.

As a "thank you" the host has a voucher for a free session's play, which may be used for the session they play as a host or a subsequent session.

As a point of etiquette please note that the host is not expected to provide a "fill in" for players whose partners arrive late (although they may agree to do so if they wish) and if they are not required to act as a host.

If anyone acting as a host or using the host system has a query, please do contact one of the hosting team in confidence.

Hosting team: Clare Blake, Annie Mead, Sheena Parker

To contact email: