The Edinburgh No Fears Bridge club
No fears BBO pairs
Director: Derek Sanders
No fears BBO pairs
Director: Derek Sanders
No fears BBO pairs
Director: Derek Sanders
BBO Sunday evening pairs tournament at the Carlton 7:00

Hazel runs the Carlton BBO Sunday pairs tournament. Its great fun and very friendly $4:00 per person entry fee, 24 boards. Everybody welcome and you can bring along a friend to play. For more info see the Carlton website.

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Thursday 20th January... deal of the day.

Board 16 was unusual in that at all seven tables the auction was the same as was the strain of the lead! However the number of tricks made by the defence differed.

As in the illustrated auction west opened 1NT then raised to 3NT by east and all the norths either lead ♠6 (4th highest) or ♠9 (top of a sequence). At six of the tables of the tables declarer inserted the J and from here paths diverged with 3NT making a few times. At the runners up table John P covered with ♠Q then accurately switched to a diamond (a second spade at this point would allow 3NT to make). Countdown Andy won his a A to play a 2nd spade through dummy. John had dummy covered with his ♠A ♠10 and when declarer played low inserted the ♠10, then ♠A and ♠5 to scoop the suit and take the first five tricks,to set the contract. Very nice defence guysyes

At one table after ♠9 was lead declarer tried a cunning small spade from dummydevil. South was not to be missled and could see all the cards higher than ♠9 so let the card hold the trick. When a second spade was played the suit too was picked up and the first five tricks taken.

Well done to the winners Jim and Irene, Countdown Andy and John 2nd, Ann and Margaret 3rd, with Colin and Robert 4th!

Thursday 13th January of the day!

Five tables, so perfect for a full Howell movement. That meant nine matches of three boards at a good 18 minutes per round. So not only did all the pairs play one another but also a record for the No Fears! Twenty seven boards played in the normal time! Well done everybody and the winners Robert and Colin just ahead of Karen and Polly in second with Andy D and John S in third spot.

Infact it was board 13 where the winners and the third placed pair clashed on a decisive board that determined the overall result. Andy (north) opened a light 1, with a weak 2♥ an alternative option. No stopping John now with the very good eighteen points from bidding to slam (illustrated auction). Unfortunately there is a major flaw to this contract, N/S are missing ♣A♣K surprise but on the other hand have twelve tricks themselves. Namely six hearts, five spades and  Adevil.

Colin was on lead and only a club would defeat 6NT. Robert saw the ♣8 flash up on the screen and grabbed his ♣A  to accurately return the ♣3 to partners ♣K and take their two tricks before declarer cashed his twelve! Great lead Colin and nice return Robertyes.

Guidelines and rules for the Edinburgh No Fears Bridge club Tuesday and Thursday 7:00 BBO tourney.

This relaxed tourney is twenty four boards of two or three board matches with an estimated run time of about 2 hours and 30 minutes. Everybody who have attended my classes, played in the live No Fears and friends are welcome to join in the fun ($4:00 buy in).

1) Please anounce your system.

2) If you misclick in bidding or play no probs..its easily donesurprise. Just request an undo. If you misclick in play, there is no undo available once the trick has been won. If your opponents ask for an undo you should generally accept. However if you are not sure, please call mesmiley and i will give a ruling. It keeps everybody happy.This is not an SBU event and Edinburgh No Fears bridge club rules apply. 

3) You are not allowed to ask for an undo if you change your mind about an actionfrown

4) Please alert and explain conventional bids. For example transfers, the Landy convention and Jacoby. 

5) Edinburgh No Fears bridge club system limitations: 

 a)The Multi 2D is not permitted.

 b) If you open 1C you must have at least 3 clubs. 

c) Apart from strong 2C and Benji Acol all two level opening bids must be natural and single suited.

6) Please, as a courtesy to your opponents display your name on personal details. Its nice to know whom you are playing! 

7) The main thing is to have fun and be kind to your opponentssmiley

Note:Sometimes we get a half table so and i will use a pair of robots. This allows me to substitute in No fears late comers, a player on standby or friends that fancy playing a few boards. Sorry if you start off against a pair of 'Pesky Robots' crying but it gives me flexibility to add players whom would normally miss outsmiley . 

Also if you get disconnected from BBO and cant get back for a while to keep things going i may ‘sub in a Robot’. Anyway, if  you are subbed by a robot, dont worry, just hang in there on your return, you will be reseated to the table for the next dealwink.

Help page: Please contact me if you fancy playing the online BBO No fears!
Help page: Please contact  me if you fancy playing the online BBO No fears!
Edinburgh No fears help line phone 07930144819,
or use the form below.smiley
Tuesday 18th January results summary!

Ten tables this evening. Nancy and Steven took the honours with a great score ahead of runners up Carol and Janet not far behind. Third Dowell and Stuart, fourth Alec and Polly with fifth Helen and Margaret. Very well done all of them!!

BBO master points are awarded to those finishing in the top places. This means that you  get a number next to your user name and goes up as you pick up more points . Please let me know if you would like a couple of No fears pens, they have conductive nozzles great to use on touch screens. smiley

A sequel to Thursdays deal of the day!

Board 22  was the same theme as Thursdays  'deal of the day'. A slam bid but again flawed because it was missing the ace and king of a suit, this time in hearts.

In the illustrated auction Dowell and Slammer Stu drove to 6 and once again the lead was crucial and the defenders needed to take their two tricks before declarer could enjoy his twelve. Nanna found the winning lead and kicked off with A, Walter followed with the 8 and Stuart the Q in the hope that this looked like a singleton or even KQ doubleton. Nanna fell for the 'false card' and switched to a spade. No problem now for declarer he drew trumps, discarded the losing 10 on dummy's spades for twelve tricks and +1430.

The question is, given the sight of dummy and auction how could Nanna work out to continue hearts? Note Dowell's 5♦ bid indicated only one ace, so no chance that Walter could have ♠A because that meant Slammer Stu had bid 6 knowing two aces were missing. Therefore the only hope was that Walter had K and even if the Q was singleton Walter could insert his supposed 10 at no danger of setting up the Jenlightened.

Now for the sting in the 'tale': Had Nanna continued with hearts, Walter takes his K and plays a third round of the suit. What can Slammer Stu do? Ruff low and get overruffed or ruff high promoting Walter's J to become a third round winner. Either way a two trick defeatdevil!!!!!

Never mind Nanna did very well to find  A lead and without it there would not be a storyyes.

The Live Thursday No Fears will be back later on in 2022!
The Live Thursday No Fears will be back later on in 2022!

The 'live' Thursday No Fears pairs will return, when all Covid restrictions are lifted. After consultation, the general feed back is that this should be when masks are not required and the playing area is able to be kept warm, (6:45 at the Carlton Bridge club). Until then the Thursday BBO tournament will continue every Thursday, starting at 7:00 with 24 boards. So do come along and join in the funsmiley.

25th Jan 2022
No fears BBO pairs
BBO 7:00
Director: Derek Sanders
27th Jan 2022
No fears BBO pairs
BBO 7:00
Director: Derek Sanders
1st Feb 2022
No fears BBO pairs
BBO 7:00
Director: Derek Sanders