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Online No fears pairs
Director: Derek Sanders
Live No fears pairs
Director: Derek Sanders
Online No fears pairs
Director: Derek Sanders
Live No fears pairs
Director: Derek Sanders
Edinburgh No Fears online.

CLICK here for the link to BBO 
To play the online No Fears.
1) Login to BBO with your partner.
2) Click competitive.
3) Click all tournaments.
4) In search type stdomingo.
5) Click the tournament.
6) Enter your partners user name and press invite.
7) your partner will receive an invitation and accept.
8) Now stay logged in and you will be taken to a table when the tourney starts!
Have fun and the best of luck.
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BBO Sunday evening pairs tournament and the live Friday evening pairs at the Carlton!

Hazel runs the Carlton BBO Sunday pairs tournament. Its great fun 24 boards, eight three board matches. Meanwhile Neil does the 'live Friday evening event' at the Carlton. No need to be a member, everybody is welcome for both! Not to mention the superb catering on Friday. So please come along!

Relaxed and friendly Bridge!
The Live 6:45 Thursday No Fears!
The Live 6:45 Thursday No Fears!

The 'live' Thursday No Fears pairs is a relaxed 24 board tourney held in room 1, Carlton Bridge club. Jane Mawdsley our hostess provides excellent catering. Please note its a 6:45 start time. If you are running late, just phone and i will reserve a table. Everybody welcome, parking is right outside the card rooms, so super easy access. Let me know if you need a partner its, great fun!! 

Meanwhile if you fancy some online bridge, please login, its on BBO every Tuesday 7.00! See below for more details.

Hugh Kelsey trophy Monday 25th March...Online heat BBO.

There will be a no Fears online heat for those attending Council and private classes, details to follow.

Edinburgh Logo

Please contact  me to play the online BBO or live No Fears! Everybody welcome or join classes.

Edinburgh No Fears Bridge club help line.

Phone 07930144819 or use the form belowsmiley.

Guidelines and rules for the Edinburgh City No Fears Bridge club Tuesday 7:00 BBO tourney.

This relaxed tourney is twenty-four boards of 8 three board matches with an estimated run time of about 2 hours and 30 minutes. Everybody who have attended council classes, private classes and all SBU Bronze players are welcome to join in the fun ($4:00 buy in). Please phone if you have trouble registering (i can fix itsmiley).

1) Please announce your system, for example '12-14 NT, five card spade suit, 3 weak 2's, rev attitude and standard count' is fine.

2) a) If you make a misclick in bidding or play no probs..its easily done and it is 'right and proper' to correct your bid or play. Just request an undo. Note: You are not allowed an undo if you change your mind about an action or lose concentration. When your opponents ask for an undo, you should generally accept. If you are not sure, please call mesmiley and i will give a ruling. It keeps everybody happy. 

b) If you feel an opponent is slow, please be patient. Should the clock start running down, just call me and request extra time.

3) Please alert and explain conventional bids. You explain your own bids, partner cannot see the explanation.  For example, transfers, the Landy convention and Stayman. 

4) Edinburgh No Fears bridge club system limitations: 

 a) The Multi 2D is not permitted.

 b) If you open 1C you must have at least 3 clubs. 

c) Apart from strong 2C and Benji Acol all two-level opening bids must be natural and single suited.

5) Please, as a courtesy to your opponents display your name on personal details. Its nice to know whom you are playing! 

6) The main thing is to have fun and be kind to your opponentssmiley

Note: Sometimes we get a half table so you will need to wait a minute or two. This allows me to substitute in No fears late comers, a player on standby or friends that fancy playing a few boards. Sorry if you start off against a pair of 'Pesky Robots' crying but it gives me flexibility to add players who would normally miss outsmiley

Also, if you get disconnected from BBO and can't get back for a while to keep things going i may ‘sub in a robot’. Anyway, if you are subbed by a robot, don't worry, just hang in there and on your return, you will be reseated to the table for the next dealwink.

This is not an SBU event, and Edinburgh No Fears bridge club rules apply.

Tuesday 27th February BBO pairs results summary!

A good seven tables! Winners were Johb and Countdown Andy  runners  up Clive and Diana with third spot going to Alan and Gordon. A very well done them! 

The live No Fears is on every Thursday 6:45 at the Carltonsmiley With easy access parking right outside the card rooms. Meanwhile anybody who does the doublecoolthat is... winning the Tuesday 'BBO' No Fears and then the Thursday 'live' No Fears in the same week will receive a 'jack pot' prize🍾🍾🥂! 

BBO master points are awarded to those finishing in the top places. You get a number next to your username which goes up as you pick up more points. Online winners can collect a No Fears pen at the live No fears. They have conductive nozzles great to use on touch screens📱enlightened

A devilish switch!

Board 15 was a part score affair and several declarers were held to eight tricks in 2  or even defeated in 3 when south found a good switch at trick three. 

In the illustrated auction the third placed pair came across Fiona and Maureen and in a low level competitive auction pushed them up to 3. Gordon kicked off with two rounds of diamonds and switched to ♠2 on which Mairin played low and was forced to take Alan's singleton ♠J with her ♠A. Now south could win the trump ace and play ♠K and another giving north a ruff before trumps could be drawn! That was five tricks to the defence and 3 defeatedsad. Well done Daphne, Diane and Dowell who too found this devilish defence to hold declarer to eight tricksdevil

The question is did declarer have a counter play? and as you might expect they did. See the effect of playing the ♠Q at trick three now when south gets in with the A they can still give north the ruff but that's the end of that! Declarer can win the continuation draw trumps and discard the losing spade on the third round of clubs!! Still even this does not work if south finds the spade switch at trick two, now north can receive two ruffs by south taking A immediately and then put back on lead again with a diamond return to deliver the second ruffwink.


Three bites at the cherry leaves a sour taste!

Board seventeen had much in common with last weeks slam. E/W had thirty three points between them a five card suit each, all the aces not to mention three kings. In the illustrated auction east denied a major after Stayman followed by a common sense 6NT. 

On  a heart lead declarer could count ten tricks. No problem, something good in diamonds doubleton J or 3-3 would provide a couple, failing that spades 3-3 was an extra trick and if you still needed one more the club finesse. Three chances of making, so at least a 2-1 on shotsmiley. But things changed a bit when diamonds broke 5-1 and no extra trick there for the taking. The best option now is to fall back on the double club finesse and run the ♣10. South must cover with the ♣J to dummy's ♣Q and north's ♣K. and now it ''seems''indecision impossible to read the position and finesse south's ♣8. Very unlucky.sad

Meanwhile one declarer received ♣5 lead and correctly played low from dummy, so the singleton ♣K took the trick and although not fatal its best practice in this spot to unblock ♣10. This facilitates the repeated finesse of ♣J and when communications got into a tangle, the play came back to haunt declarer. Forced to overtake with a higher club to get to dummy rather than finesse ♣J with ♣2 for the twelfth trick, he too ended up shortcrying

Infact it has been spotted by a national newspaper bridge correspondent that you can get a total count on north's shape. After two rounds of diamonds enter hand with a spade and run the 10. Win the continuation and cash all your winners outside clubs ending in hand, North is now marked with 4 spades, 3 hearts and 5 diamonds, so the K was singleton and now you can finesse 8 for the contract.

29th Feb 2024
Live No fears pairs
Carlton 6:45
Director: Derek Sanders
5th Mar 2024
Online No fears pairs
BBO 7:00
Director: Derek Sanders
7th Mar 2024
Live No fears pairs
Carlton 6:45
Director: Derek Sanders
12th Mar 2024
Online No fears pairs
BBO 7:00
Director: Derek Sanders