The Edinburgh No Fears Bridge club
No fears BBO pairs
Director: Derek Sanders
No fears BBO pairs
Director: Derek Sanders
No fears BBO pairs
Director: Derek Sanders
BBO pairs events at the Carlton

Mike Baron,Marilyn and Hazel Brown are running Carlton tournaments on BBO. They are great fun and extremely well organised. Its $3:00 per person (half of which goes to the Carlton). You get master points and can invite a friend to play if they are not a member. So please support the club.

Monday 10:00 ($3:00)   20 brds.

Wednesday 2:00 ($3:00) 20 brds.

Thursday 10:00 ($3.00)  20 brds.

Sunday  6:45  ($3:00)     21 brds.

Most of us No Fears players are members so please sign up! Note: If its your first time you will need to pre register your BBO username and that of your partner. Send details to or to Hazel.

Bridge Base Online, how to register,login and play.
With no live bridge you can still play on line. BBO provides the platform and is a free and excellent site.
To register for free, watch or play some hands just CLICK THIS LINK  

To register... follow these instructions.
1)Click..become a member free and register. You will need to make up a user name for yourself. For Example i am 'Stdomingo'!
When you have done this you can now play. It might be an idea to practice play a few hands with the software on the Solitaire option.
2)Click casual then click relaxed bridge club underneath 'play or watch bridge'.
3) Click a seat and say ' Hi P ......weak and 3 (Weak NT and 3 weak twos)!'.
or better option,
4) Set up your own table and invite friends!
Have fun and the best of luck.

Online club ad.pdf  Click here

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Welcome to the Edinburgh No Fears Bridge club.... the site where all the action happens!
If you get disconnected from BBO

Sometimes players get disconnected from BBO and cant get back for a while. So to keep things going i may ‘sub in a Robot’.

Anyway, if  you are subbed by a robot, dont worry, just hang in there on your return, you will be reseated to the table for the next deal.

Meanwhile If you find yourself partnering a Robot surprise be aware that they play a strong NT system with five card majors and dont play a weak NTsad

Guidelines and rules when playing in the Edinburgh No Fears

1) If you are playing 12-14 NT, three weak twos and a five (or four card) spade suit ..No Fears standard you dont need to announce your system. However please let your opponents know if you are playing a strong No Trump .

2) If you misclick in bidding or even play, no probs..its easily donesurprise. Just request an undo. If your opponents ask for an undo you should generally accept. However if you are not sure, please call mesmiley and i will give a ruling. It keeps everybody happy.This is not an SBU event and Edinburgh No Fears bridge club rules apply. 

3) You are not allowed an undo if you change your mind about an actionfrown

4) You should alert and explain conventional and unusual bids. For example transfers, the Landy convention,the strong NT, and splinter bids. 

5) Edinburgh No Fears bridge club system limitations: 

 a)The Multi 2D is not permitted.

 b) If you open 1C you must have at least 3 clubs. 

c) Apart from 2C and Benji Acol all two level opening bids must be natural and single suited. Best let your opps know if you play strong 2 and 2♠ .

6) Please, as a courtesy to your opponents display your name on personal details. This is a requirement for everybody playing in the No Fears. Its just not nice playing anonymous opponents! 

7) The main thing is to have fun and be kind to your opponents. Some are new to this so please be nice to themsmiley

Tuesday No fears BBO match pointed pairs 7:00.

Its twelve rounds of two board matches. The estimated run time is about 2 hours and 40 minutes. Everybody who have attended my classes, played in the live No Fears and friends are welcome to join in the fun  smiley

1) If it is you or your partners first time in the online No fears please contact me  on 07930144819 or message me via this site. I need your user name and personal name cool

2) Login with your partner. Entries are accepted from 5:00 onwards.

3) Click competitive bridge and then on options provided select All tournaments.

4) This will take you to a list of all the pairs events. On the top right in search type Std and enter. This will take you to the No Fears register  (Stdomingo)

5) Enter the BBO user name of your partner and then click invite. There is $3.50 entry fee p.p. Your partner will receive an invitation. You are now both entered and will be automatically taken to your seats at the 7:00 start time.


Help page: Please contact me if you fancy playing the No Fears pairs on BBO or some private lessons!
Help page: Please contact  me if you fancy playing the No Fears pairs on BBO or some private lessons!
Edinburgh No fears help line phone 07930144819,
or use the form below.smiley
Tuesday 15th June results summary!

Ten tables this evening and it was Heather and Janet who took the honours. Runners up were Polly and Alec with 3rd spot going to John and Coundown Andy. 4th Fiona and Hamish 5th Andy and John S. Well done to all of them!

BBO master points are awarded for those finishing in the top places. This means that you get a number attached to your user name and goes up as you pick up more points .

Not to mention the No Fears pens! If you dont have one or need a new one and have made a top five finish, please let me know and i will forward you and your partner a couple!! They have conductive nozzles great to use on touch screens!smiley

A solid eight card suit gets an entry!

Board 11 was an exciting one. West has a strong 6-5 hand and most opened 1. East held a solid eight card suit and outside ♣Q, so 1♠ or 4♠ are the normal replies. But i liked Polly's action, a strong jump shift response of 2♠ yes. Not orthodox holding only 12 points but you can see the point with eight playing tricks and the power of the hand.

Anyway five pairs reached slam with three getting to 6NT while the other two played 6S. There are infact twelve trick 'on top' but look at the problem in no trumps contracts. West is void in spades and has no immediate way of getting to dummysurprise. Not an issue for those in 6♠ contractswink.

Billy and John S overuled their partners 6♠ while Tata2020 too treated her robot's 6♠ with similar disdain and all converted to 6NT! Then dummy appeared on the screen a heart stopping moment, how to get to there? Good fortune came to the rescue, a club leaddevil The one and only chance was to hope North had underlead CK and play CQ, giving an entry to dummy to enjoy the spades. The ♣Q held and that was 13 tricks, lucky for them but unlucky for the defenders. Had south held K♣ or north lead a red suit it would have been a different storyblush.

Meanwhile Sylvia and other robot also bid 6♠ but their partners Cecilia and Top Dog accutely aware of the potential communication problems passed the rock solid contract! Well bid themsmiley.

Rule of thumb: If your partner shows great length and strength in a suit that you are void in and you are very strong elsewhere let them play. Your winners will take care of their losers!

6♠ or even 7♠ :  Either is fine. 6S should be lay down but 7S might be a bit harder to play. Partner rates to have a solid seven card spade suit and a useful card in reserve so despite the spade void we have a lot of quick tricks outside.

22nd Jun 2021
No fears BBO pairs
BBO 7:00
Director: Derek Sanders
29th Jun 2021
No fears BBO pairs
BBO 7:00
Director: Derek Sanders
6th Jul 2021
No fears BBO pairs
BBO 7:00
Director: Derek Sanders