The Edinburgh No Fears Bridge club
No fears BBO pairs
Director: Derek Sanders
No fears BBO pairs
Director: Derek Sanders
No fears BBO pairs
Director: Derek Sanders
BBO pairs events at the Carlton

Mike Baron and Hazel Brown are running Carlton tournaments on BBO. They are great fun and extremely well organised. Its $3:00 per person (half of which goes to the Carlton). You get master points and can invite a friend to play if they are not a member. So please support the club.

Monday 10:00 ($3:00)   20 brds.

Tuesday 2:00   ($2:00)     12  brds

Wednesday 2:00 ($3:00) 20 brds.

Thursday 10:00 ($3.00)  20 brds.

Sunday  6:45  ($3:00)     20 brds.

Most of us No Fears players are members so please sign up! Note: If its your first time you will need to pre register your BBO username and that of your partner. Send details to or to Hazel.

Bridge Base Online, how to register,login and play.
With no live bridge you can still play on line. BBO provides the platform and is a free and excellent site.
To register for free, watch or play some hands just CLICK THIS LINK  

To register... follow these instructions.
1)Click..become a member free and register. You will need to make up a user name for yourself. For Example i am 'Stdomingo'!
When you have done this you can now play. It might be an idea to practice play a few hands with the software on the Solitaire option.
2)Click casual then click relaxed bridge club underneath 'play or watch bridge'.
3) Click a seat and say ' Hi P ......weak and 3 (Weak NT and 3 weak twos)!'.
or better option,
4) Set up your own table and invite friends!
Have fun and the best of luck.

Online club ad.pdf  Click here

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Welcome to the Edinburgh No Fears Bridge club.... the site where all the action happens!
No Fears Tuesday BBO match pointed pairs 7:00.

The No fears is a pairs event. Eleven rounds of two board matches. Estimated run time is 2 hours and 30 minutes. So if you fancy playing follow these instructionssmiley.

1) If it is your first time in the online No Fears contact me so i can put you and your partners name on the list.

2) Log into BBO well before before the start time with your partner.  

3) Click competitive bridge and then on options provided select Free tournaments.

4) This will take you to a list of all the pairs events. On the top right in search type Std and enter. This will take you to the No Fears register  (Stdomingo)

5) Enter the BBO user name of your partner and then click accept.

6) Your partner will receive an invitation and must accept too. You are now both entered and will be automatically taken to your seats at the designated start time.

Note: You can register up to two hours before the start time after which you need not stay on BBO until the tournament commences. Please phone me (07930144819) if you have any problems and i will talk you through the process. Its fairly straightforward but if its your first time might need getting the hang ofenlightened.

Mean while tips for playing online in the No Fears.

1) If you are not playing 12-14 NT, three weak twos and a five (or four) card spade suit (No Fears standard) you need to let your opponents know. Please alert your 1NT opening bid if it is 15-17.

2) if you misclick, you can ask for a redo. Top left =  . Its easy to make a wrong click. Note: If your opponents ask for an undo please accept.

3) To see the scores and what happened on individual boards use the history tab on the right.

4) You alert and explain your own bids by clicking them. For example Stayman ..then explain on the tab . Your partner can not see this. If you require an opponent to explain a bid click on the bid in question.

5) Please, as a courtesy to your opponents display your full name on personal details (real name). This is a requirement for everybody playing in the No Fears.

Help page: Please contact me if you need advice on how to enter the No Fears pairs on BBO.
Help page: Please contact  me if you need advice on how to enter the No Fears pairs on BBO.
Edinburgh No fears help line phone 07930144819,
or use the form below.smiley
A goal for Estonia!

Hand 18 of the night seemed to cause one or two problems. N/S have a nine card spade fit, 25 points and a singleton so you would expect most pairs to reach game but in a similar scenario to last week over half the field did not reach the excellent 4S contract. The main problem was either south not getting across their six card suit or north not showing strength with the 16 points after their partner overcalled. But possibly the toughest auction came when Tom and Nick came across Mai-Liiser playing with her Dad, Heike. They play an Estonian strong club system so were able to open an intermediate 2C with east. Esssentially this bid is natural, it shows five or six clubs with about 11-15 points. Nick sitting south despite a good six card spade suit only had nine points so felt disinclined to bid as did Mai. But Tom had no problem and made a sound take out X, a 2NT overcall showing 15-18 points would also describe the hand well. Now the spotlight fell on Nick. Since he is forced to take some kind of action his bid of 2S does not show a great hand so Tom passed and game missed.

It is always very hard when you come across a bid for the first time, so Nick can be excused. In context of the auction he actually has a good hand. The double of a natural 2C shows at least three spades and opening points. With the good six card spade suit and useful singleton south needs do a bit more with either a jump to 3S or my preference 4S. Now you get to the solid 4S and a %70 score on the board!

Rule of thumb: If your partner doubles for take out and you have a bit extra, make a jump bid!

Tuesday 13th October Post mortem

In another high scoring week for the top three. James and Malkie took the honours for a second time, Hamish and Fiona were runners up. Brydon and Liz grabed 3rd spot with Colin and Robert 4th. Well done all of them.

Meanwhile the Super six is back and you can see the running scores on the menu bar. Your best six scores count over a period of six months. The winners will win a six pack of choclate mini eggs! How good is that!

20th Oct 2020
No fears BBO pairs
BBO 7:00
Director: Derek Sanders
27th Oct 2020
No fears BBO pairs
BBO 7:00
Director: Derek Sanders
3rd Nov 2020
Match pointed pairs
BBO 7:00
Director: Derek Sanders