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Interesting Hands
July 2019

Watching Harry Madden (playing with Oscar Selby) against table-topping Holland in the European under 21 competition, I saw this board played live on BBO.

When East bid 1NT and south passed we anxiously watched, hoping Harry would look at his fairly poor cards and bid the game.

North's 1D bid showed 4+ hearts, so QJ doubleton heart must have looked over-valued.

Still, trusting partner will have 19+ points (despite opposition bidding), Harry bid 3NT which Oscar made light work of making.

Well done Harry and all the England teams!


June 2019

Here is a hand sent by John Auld. If you have an interesting hand you want to be displayed, please send to

My partner opened 1D and rebid 3D over my 2C response. That decision probably explains why we were the only pair in slam. I now bid 3H and then 6N over 3N.
With CK9 onside that was 13 tricks.
The interesting question arises if I bid more scientifically with say 4D over 3N and 4N (RKCB) after a cue bid from partner. I will know that we have all the key cards in Diamonds so what to bid? I think the bid is 7D because this is a 5 or 7 hand on the likely spade lead.  If the clubs come in that will be 13 tricks, if not it is 11 tricks.  7D has the same chance as 6D.
May 2019

A member suggested a "hand of the week" section of the website.

Please let know if you like this feature and want more.

As South the bidding went 3S 4C ? I passed, hoping for a plus, but West bid 4H, back to me.

I was torn but ended up passing. What would you have done?