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Corwen success

Congratulations to Cedric Cockcroft and John Squibb for coming 16th in the recent Corwen Trophy, which is a national pairs event.

Gerry Fletcher Individual

Congratulations to John Griffin for winning the Gerry Fletcher Individual on 6th Aug 2019. For full results click here.

Scarborough Congress

Congratulations to Alan Kenny, Richard Horsley, John Griffin and Malcolm Young for coming second in the A Final of the teams at Scarborough.

Derbyshire Junior Success
Derbyshire Junior Success

In the final round of the competition, the U21 team with Harry narrowly lost to the winners Holland, but it was enough to move them into 3rd place as the silver medallists France thrashed Poland. They qualify for the World Championships next year.

In the U26’s the first 8 teams of the 23 qualify for the World championships next year. At the start of the day England were 10 victory points off Czech Republic, the 8th placed team. Both teams had resounding wins, but at the end England were still 8.5 VPs off the 8th slot, now held by Bulgaria. Ian played in the second game, and a 20 IMP gain on the last two boards saw them whitewash Ireland 20 – 0. They were now 3VPs behind Israel, 6 behind Bulgaria and 8 behind the Czechs.

The final game was against eventual silver medalists Holland. After 7 hands they were 19 IMPs behind, clawed it back to be 4 ahead, then with 2 hands to go were 8 behind. The Czechs had finished their 15 boards, still 5 VP’s ahead. On board 14 the Dutch stopped in 5H, but Kennedy and Ye bid and made 6NT. On the last board England needed to gain at least 3 IMPs to get the necessary VP’s.  Norton and Natt made an overtrick in 3C, 110 points. So Kennedy and Ye needed to get a positive score. The Dutch bid 3NT, a contract made by 9 other pairs. The pressure told and the Dutch player erred in trying to establish Diamonds rather than clubs. Down 1.  5 IMP’s to England who gained 8th place with 270.67 VP’s to 270.11.

The ladies team with Hannah Tuus had an up-and-down series of matches, finishing 8th of the 9 teams.

The England U16 team also took a Bronze medal, finishing 3rd of the 18 teams by the narrow margin of 1.2 VPs.

I have attached two bulletins from the 27th European Youth Team Chamionship. In particular see p14 from Bulletin 3 and p9..12 from Bulletin 4.

Bulletin 3.pdf

Bulletin 4.pdf

Smedley Trophy

Congratulations to Don Smedley and John Griffin for winning the Smedley Salver in 2019. Click here for full results.

Website Changes

Since mid April, I have been learning about the DCBA website and making some changes. Below is a summary and some help for you to find your way around...

  1. Up to date - I have updated the honours boards and other pages, hopefully so the website will be more current.
  2. Simplify - I've tried to reduce the clutter and group similar items together under standard menu items on the left.
  3. Left Menu - Where left menu items are in UPPER CASE, you will find more options below by clicking on the heading. E.g. If you click on MASTERCLASSES you will see a sub-menu containing many of the masterclass document delivered by our experts 

Roger Floutier 3rd May 2019

Young Derbyshire Superstars

Hanna Tuus - Hanna's biography

White House, Amsterdam U26: March 2019    3rd place in Junior Channel Trophy: 2018    3rd in Junior European Championships: 2017    2nd with Ian Robson in Eastbourne U26 Pairs: 2017

Ian Robson - Ian's biography

1st in Junior Camrose: 2019    3rd in European Youth Pairs U26: 2018    2nd in Eastbourne U26 Pairs: 2018    2nd with Hanna Tuus in Eastbourne U26 Pairs: 2017

Harry Madden - Harry's biography

Channel Trophy, Lille U21: December 2018    World Youth Championship, China U21: 2018    1st in Peggy Bayer: 2018    Junior Channel Trophy: 2017

World Youth Teams: 2016    Peggy Bayer: 2016    Czech Junior Teams U15: 2015     European Youth Teams U15: 2015