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Website Changes

Since mid April, I have been learning about the DCBA website and making some changes. Below is a summary and some help for you to find your way around...

  1. Up to date - I have updated the honours boards and other pages, hopefully so the website will be more current.
  2. Simplify - I've tried to reduce the clutter and group similar items together under standard menu items on the left.
  3. Left Menu - Where left menu items are in UPPER CASE, you will find more options below by clicking on the heading. E.g. If you click on MASTERCLASSES you will see a sub-menu containing many of the masterclass document delivered by our experts 

Roger Floutier 3rd May 2019

Young Derbyshire Superstars

Hanna Tuus - Hanna's biography

White House, Amsterdam U26: March 2019    3rd place in Junior Channel Trophy: 2018    3rd in Junior European Championships: 2017    2nd with Ian Robson in Eastbourne U26 Pairs: 2017

Ian Robson - Ian's biography

1st in Junior Camrose: 2019    3rd in European Youth Pairs U26: 2018    2nd in Eastbourne U26 Pairs: 2018    2nd with Hanna Tuus in Eastbourne U26 Pairs: 2017

Harry Madden - Harry's biography

Channel Trophy, Lille U21: December 2018    World Youth Championship, China U21: 2018    1st in Peggy Bayer: 2018    Junior Channel Trophy: 2017

World Youth Teams: 2016    Peggy Bayer: 2016    Czech Junior Teams U15: 2015     European Youth Teams U15: 2015