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This News Items is a recording of suggestions made for the improvement of the website.

Paul Madden 18/4/19 - A simple explanation on DCBA website as to how each competition is NGS rated. This was discussed as some length by email exchange including Paul M, Roger M and others. It is complex and I'm not sure we are any closer to a conclusion. Roger F 10/5/19

Paul Madden 18/4/19 - A table of all the cross imp Butlers for all the season county matches for our players. This was done one week after it was requested. Roger F 10/5/19

Sheena Haytack 10/5/19 - Inclusion of an obitary section to allow people around the county to hear about the death of members. I have added a section to the website and will email all DCBA members letting them know of the facility. Roger F 24/5/19

Susan Illsley 13/5/19 - Just thought that if someone felt capable it might be nice to have hands of interest and the best way to tackle them. I have added a hand. If there is sufficient positive feedback I will look at someone providing a hand on a regular basis. Roger F 24/5/19