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Derbyshire Junior brilliance

Harry Madden and the U21 team finished 3rd out of 10 teams, qualifying them for the World Championships next year.

Ian Robson and the U26 team finished 8th out of 23 teams, again qualifying them for the World Championships next year.

Hanna Tuus and the U26 team finished 8th out of 9 teams.

For more details, see the news page, which can be accessed from the button on the left of this page.

DCBA Sept 2019 Green Point weekend
We are trying to make this a more friendly event with a reduced entry fee for lower NGS ranks, wine prizes etc.
More details and the entry form can be dowloaded from the "Entry Forms" button on the left of this page.
Atkins Cup 2019

Bakewell bridge club are hosting the Atkins Cup on Sunday 6th October 2019.

This is a Swiss Pairs event excellently run by Bakewell.

Details about the event and how to enter can be found under "Entry Forms" on the left of this page.

Volunteer required

The DCBA are seeking a volunteer to monitor location of our trophies and to keep engraving up to date. If interested please contact Jim Parker or John Sowter.

DCBA Competitions

The rules of our competitions are published on the DCBA website and details of our calendar and competitions (Sept-Aug) are published in our members hand book. This year we emailed the document to as many members that we could and it is also available via this website. Each year competitions are discussed at our AGM and then the competitions subcommittee meet in June/July to finalise the new calendar and agree any competition changes, the calendar/members hand book is then approved at the following main committee meeting. If any members have any comments or suggestions please try and attend the AGM on May 2nd 2019 and then members attending can agree or make comment. Should you have comments or suggestions and are unable to attend the AGM please pass them to the DCBA secretary (Jim Parker; Mob 07980716894; or your Club’s DCBA Representative and they can be raised at the AGM on your behalf. Please try and avoid making suggestions too close to an event as often it is too late to make changes and may only increase the stress levels of the event organisers. Your input will be appreciated and making it at the right time means we can evaluate your suggestion and hopefully improve our competitions for the benefit of members.

Derbyshire Contract Bridge Association
Derbyshire Contract Bridge Association
  • Promotes Contract Bridge in the Derbyshire Area.
  • Affiliated to the English Bridge Union.
  • Runs many County based events during each year including 6 teams-of eight leagues.
  • Most DCBA County Events are held on Wednesday evenings at The Old School, Spondon.  There is bridge most days of the week at The Old School,  Spondon click here to see.
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Suggestions/corrections to or 0747 096 7337.

Summer Swiss Teams (9)
Summer Pairs Smedley Salver (5)
Midlands Counties Bowl (Spondon)
Summer Swiss Teams (8)
Presidents Cup
Summer Pairs Smedley Salver (4)
20th Jul 2019
Nottinghamshire GP Event Swiss Pairs
The Old School Spondon
24th Jul 2019
Summer Pairs Smedley Salver (6) Final round
The Old School Spondon
18:50 for 19:00
31st Jul 2019
Summer Swiss Teams (10)
The Old School Spondon
18:50 for 19:00