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1) Bring a bridge player new to DBS and you will play for FREE!
In addition, the new bridge player will receive a non-transferable coupon
for a free play that can be used
on their next visit! It's that easy!

2) Win a Unit Game...4 offered per year!

3) Enter the monthly drawing everytime you play!

Bridge Etiquette
Click on Information and select
"About Denton Bridge Studio"


Would you like a name badge?

The badge is a split heart filled with card suits and your name will be in the split with Denton Bridge Studio in smaller letters under your name. The color of the badge is a white back ground with black lettering and has a magnetic back.

A picture of the badge can be seen on the bulletin board at the studio.

Please email us using the link below to order or sign the order sheet posted on the bulletin board at the studio. I will need you to give me your full name as you would like it to appear on your badge.

Name badges will be ordered at the end of each month. Cost is $12.00 per badge, payable on receipt of the badge.

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We are attempting to reduce the
number of incorrect
contract reports and other errors.

“North” responsibilities are:

Verify the correct pair number

Verify the correct boards

Enter the correct contract

Enter the correct lead card

Enter the correct tricks taken

Verify the information is correct with east/west

It is not enough for pairs to only check the score.

It is up to each pair to check the Bridge Pad
for the following information:


Direction Played

Lead Card

Tricks Taken


Last updated : Feb 17, 2012 18:50 CST
Past News & Special Game Info
This page has PAST information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" or "Home Page" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".
  About International Fund Game

Masterpoints: 50/50 red and black at 100 % sectional rating
Overall Awards: 1st, 20; depth of awards, 10 places
District Winners: 1st, 10; depth of awards, 5 places
Hand records and analyses
Winners recognized on web site and in the Bridge Bulletin.
These games raise funds to defray the expense of North American participation in international competition.

  About NAP


  • Club qualifying games 50/50 red and black at sectional rating

  • One-session unit qualifying games sectional rated red

  • Two-session unit qualifying games include percentage of gold for overalls.

  • District finals award gold for section firsts and overalls. Flight C is 25% gold for overalls. Other masterpoints in all flights are red.

Flights: A (Open), B (-2000), C (0-500 Non-Life Masters)
District winners in each flight recognized on web site

Finals are held in Spring 2012 NABC

A highly prestigious "grass roots" event, the North American Pairs starts at the club level in June, July and August. Club-level qualifications may be earned at any club in any unit in any district. A player may qualify as often as desired and with as many different partners as desired. Unit-level qualifiers are optional and held after Sept. 1 and before the district final, which may be held after the unit final until the third week in January. At the district final, both players must have qualified at the club level and must be members of the parent district. (copied from


Did you know that every month Denton Bridge Studio sends part of the game fees collected from you to charity?

Denton Bridge Studio offers six Charity games per month and every game is charity in April. ACBL charges studios an extra four dollars per table for Charity games. The funds from the first Charity game are paid to ACBL for their programs.  ACBL permits clubs holding Charity games to donate to a Charity of their choice.

Denton Bridge Studio has selected FRIENDS of the FAMILY to support. Friends of the Family is dedicated to providing compassionate, comprehensive services to those impacted by rape, sexual abuse, and domestic violence, while partnering with our community to promote safety, healing, and prevention.

There are many other Special Event Games sanctioned by ACBL and that Denton Bridge Studio participates. We pay ACBL an extra $4.00 or more per table for these games too. For more information, please click on the link below to direct you to the ACBL site.

ACBL's Special Event Information


LAW 73


A. Appropriate Communication between Partners

1.Communication between partners during the auction and play shall be effectedonly by means of calls and plays.

2.Calls and plays should be made without undue emphasis, mannerism or inflection,and without undue hesitation or haste. But the Regulating Authority may requiremandatory pauses, as on the first round of the auction, or after a skip-bid warningor on the first trick.

B. Inappropriate Communication between Partners

1.Partners shall not communicate by means such as the manner in which calls orplays are made, extraneous remarks or gestures, questions asked ornot asked of the opponents or alerts and explanations given or not given to them.

2.The gravest possible offense is for a partnership to exchange informationthrough prearranged methods of communication other than those sanctioned bythese Laws.

C. Player Receives Unauthorized Information from Partner

Whena player has available to him unauthorized information from his partner, suchas from a remark, question, explanation, gesture, mannerism, undue emphasis,inflection, haste or hesitation, an unexpected* alert or failure to alert, hemust carefully avoid taking any advantage from that unauthorized information.

D. Variations in Tempo or Manner

1.I t is desirable, though not always required, for players to maintain steadytempo and unvarying manner. However, players should be particularly carefulwhen variations may work to the benefit of their side. Otherwise,unintentionally to vary the tempo or manner in which a call or play is made isnot in itself an infraction. Inferences from such variation may ppropriately bedrawn only by an opponent and at his own risk. *i.e., unexpected in relation to the basis of his action

2.A player may not attempt to mislead an opponent by means of a remark or agesture, by the haste or hesitancy of a call or play (as in hesitating beforeplaying a singleton), the manner in which a call or play is made or by anypurposeful deviation from correct procedure.

E. Deception

Aplayer may appropriately attempt to deceive an opponent through a call or play(so long as the deception is not protected by concealed partnership understandingor experience).

F. Violation of Proprieties

Whena violation of the Proprieties described in this law results in damage to aninnocent opponent, if the Director determines that an innocent player has drawn a false inference from a remark, manner, tempo or the like of an opponentwho has no demonstrable bridge reason for the action, and who could have known, at the time of the action, that the action could work to hisbenefit, the Director shall award an adjusted score (see Law 12C).

LAW 74


A. Proper Attitude

1.A player should maintain a courteous attitude at all times.

2.A player should carefully avoid any remark or action that might cause annoyanceor embarrassment to another player or might interfere with the enjoymentof the game.

3.E very player should follow uniform and correct procedure in calling andplaying.

B. Etiquette

As a matter of courtesy, a player should refrain from:

1.paying insufficient attention to the game.

2.making gratuitous comments during the auction and play.

3.detaching a card before it is his turn to play.

4.prolonging play unnecessarily (as in playing on although he knows that all thetricks are surely his) for the purpose of disconcerting an opponent.

5.summoning and addressing the Director in a manner discourteous to him or toother contestants.

C. Violations of Procedure

The following are examples of violations of procedure:

1.using different designations for the same call.

2.indicating approval or disapproval of a call or play.

3.indicating the expectation or intention of winning or losing a trick that hasnot been completed.

4.commenting or acting during the auction or play so as to call attention to asignificant occurrence or to the number of tricks still required for success.

5.looking intently at any other player during the auction and play or at anotherplayer’s hand as for the purpose of seeing his cards or of observing

the place from which he draws a card (but it is appropriate to act on informationacquired by unintentionally seeing an opponent’s card*).* See Law 73D2 when a player may have shown his cardsintentionally.

6.showing an obvious lack of further interest in a deal (as by folding one’scards).

7.varying the normal tempo of bidding or play for the purpose of  disconcerting an opponent.

8.leaving the table needlessly before the round is called.

  Games, Games and more Games
  • Club Championships are offered quarterly and pay extra points.
  • Charity games pay 70% sectional rated black points. 
  • Special Games pay triple points to ACBL members.
  • Jr. Fund Games are 100% Sectional rated black points.
  • STaC Games are Sectional Tournaments at Clubs (STaCs) provide bridge players with the opportunity to win Silver Points at their local clubs. All masterpoints awarded are Silver and sectionally rated. Also, you could win more Silver by placing in District 16!
  • Open Games are regular games that pay no bonus.
  • Swiss Teams consist of 4 members with the following points:
    1000+ = 3 points---500-999 = 2 points---0-499 = 1 point
  • NAP Games sectional rated 50/50 red and black points with a chance to qualify and win more Master Points including Gold. See "Special Game Info" for more information.
  • International Fund Month 70% sectional rated black points and support North American participation in international events.
  • ACBL-wide Instant Matchpoint Game 1 gold point to section tops in each direction in each club, remaining points red/black at sectional rating.
    Overall Awards: 1st, 20; depth of awards, 10 places
    District Winners: 1st, 10; depth of awards, 5 places
    Hand records and analyses