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Kibitzing Has Returned

Your BOD has decided to permit kibitzing during our games. A kibitzer must follow the guidelines listed below. Any kibitzer that does not follow the guidelines will lose the right to kibitz.


·   Must ask permission from the players at the table to kibitz. Any player at the table can refuse to have a kibitzer at the table.

·   Must join at the start of a round

·  Watch only one hand at the table

·  May only watch at one table and cannot move to a different table during a round

·  May not return to a table once they leave

·  May not have their score sheet out during the match

·  May not talk to the players at the table

·  May not talk to their partner during the auction period and or play period

·  May not compare scores or talk about what they did at their table after the hand is played or after the round is completed

Listed above are guidelines to help the kibitzer, and the players being kibitzed, understand what is expected from them at the table when kibitzing is occurring. Please adhere to these guidelines to prevent any unauthorized information and a procedural penalty.

Please respect the other bridge players and talk in hushed tones if your play is completed.

Excessive, Slow Play will not be tolerated. Players will be warned and then penalties can be assessed at the directors discretion.



1) Bring a bridge player new to DBS and you will play for FREE!
In addition, the new bridge player will receive a non-transferable coupon
for a free play that can be used
on their next visit! It's that easy!

2) Win a Unit Game...4 offered per year!

3) Enter the monthly drawing everytime you play!

Bridge Etiquette
Click on Information and select
"About Denton Bridge Studio"


Would you like a name badge?

The badge is a split heart filled with card suits and your name will be in the split with Denton Bridge Studio in smaller letters under your name. The color of the badge is a white back ground with black lettering and has a magnetic back.

A picture of the badge can be seen on the bulletin board at the studio.

Please email us using the link below to order or sign the order sheet posted on the bulletin board at the studio. I will need you to give me your full name as you would like it to appear on your badge.

Name badges will be ordered at the end of each month. Cost is $12.00 per badge, payable on receipt of the badge.

Last updated : Sep 4, 2018 10:36 CDT


We are attempting to reduce the
number of incorrect
contract reports and other errors.

“North” responsibilities are:

Verify the correct pair number

Verify the correct boards

Enter the correct contract

Enter the correct lead card

Enter the correct tricks taken

Verify the information is correct with east/west

It is not enough for pairs to only check the score.

It is up to each pair to check the Bridge Pad
for the following information:


Direction Played

Lead Card

Tricks Taken


Last updated : Feb 17, 2012 18:50 CST
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