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Trophy Winners 2018 -19

Trophy Winners 2018 -9

Duplicate Championship

1st     Bob  Gould    63.36%

2nd    Sheila Gould  63.26%

3rd Maureen Martin 60.80% 

4th  June Margeson  60.79%

Highest Score

Geoff Stokes and John Symonds 69.58%


Trophy winners 2019-20

Duplicate Championship

1st   Leila Waterman   60.77%

2nd  Maureen Martin   60.53%

3rd   June Margison     59.62%


Highest Score

Leila Waterman and Colin Cox 74.6%

2021-2022 Winners

Duplicate winners

Bob and Sheila Gould 

Highest Score

Geoff Stokes and Marie Shutte 

Trophy winners 2017-8

Club Championship

1st   Bob Gould           62.76%

2nd Sheila Gould        61.38%

3rd  Maureen Martin   61.22%

Highest Score

Bob and Sheila Gould  74%

Highest overall Average   

June Margison  with 56.84% over 29 weeks.

Trophy Winners 2022-3

Club Championship

1st    Colin Cox            57.22%

2nd   Heather West     57.12%

Highest score

Bob and Sheila Gould  73.61%



We are seeking New Members.

If you are interested in playing  Duplicate Bridge or know of anyone who would like to play regularly on a Monday Evening ,                                     PLEASE CONTACT US. 

Important Information

Members and Guests are reminded  to arrive by 6.45pm  to enable the Director to decide on the Movement for a prompt start no later than 7.00pm.  We aim to play 3 boards in 20 minutes and to conclude play at 10.00pm.

( We need to start earlier  to Play a 27 board Howell Movement )

The 10 commandments for Bridge Players !!!

♣   Ten Commandments for Bridge Players  ♠    

ONE            Thou shalt not play any game other than Bridge whilst at the table.

TWO           Thou shalt not call a misdeal just because thou hast been dealt no picture cards.

THREE        Thou shalt never take the rules of Bridge in Vain.

FOUR           After losing three games, thou shalt not cry, nor stamp thy feet, nor set fire to thy Bridge table.

FIVE             Thou shalt honour thy Tournament director's decision, even though thou might find it unfavourable.

SIX                When thy partner makes a mistake, thou shalt not kill,  nor cause him or her serious injury.

SEVEN         Thou shalt not resort to coughs, grunts, hand signals, meaningful looks, or kicks under the table to instruct thy partner.

EIGHT           If thou breakest Commandment 7, thou must not be caught.

NINE             Thou shalt keep table talk to the minimum, unless thou has some juicy gossip that will not wait.

TEN               Thou shalt not covet thy opponent's aces nor their success at making seven no trumps doubled and redoubled.

Duplicate Bridge
Director: Geoffrey Stokes
Scorer: Geoffrey Stokes
Duplicate Bridge
Director: Geoffrey Stokes
Scorer: Geoffrey Stokes
2nd October 2023
Duplicate Bridge
6.45 for 7.00pm
9th October 2023
Duplicate Bridge
6.45 for 7.00pm
16th October 2023
Duplicate Bridge
6.45 for 7.00pm
23rd October 2023
Duplicate Bridge
6.45 for 7.00pm
30th October 2023
Duplicate Bridge
6.45 for 7.00pm