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When we reopen, we'll still be taking careful sanitary precautions.  Sanitizer and wipes will be available as needed.

Free Zoom Lessons
Mondays and Wednesdays at 12:30
Email Sharon at
to be included in the free session
Available for BBO Play

Contact Lynn Berg: phone/text (386)736-6228 or email


Elliott Grosh:

Stan Goodman: text to (407)748-4568

Ann Herriger Call /text (781)389-2430

Look for Elaine Cobb on BBO as memphismom  

Linda Kehoe text (843)368-5358 

Cathy Moran text (404)434-5134

Marianne Hansen (386)453-6460

Look for Tom Rusk on line as rusktom

2020 Board

DeLand Bridge Club 2020 Board 

Paul Moniz, President

Nancy Zook, Secretary

Allan Woodmancy, Treasurer

Nancy Sharff, Supplies

Lynn Sorensen, House & Grounds

Joan Lee, Supplies

Linda Kehoe, Publicity, Membership

Joan Ravede, Sunshine

Lynn Martin, Publicity

Our Club

A Short History of the DeLand Bridge Club

Groups formed in DeLand and DeBary in the late 1950’s, joining ACBL in ’58 and playing in a lot of venues, some quite imaginative: restaurants, a fire hall, the Elks Club, the Woman’s Club, the Putnam Hotel. In 1962, Pete Besom and Norman Mortimer began looking for property and found the Deerfoot Road site. Permission had to be given by neighbors to have a club in the area, and a small building on the site, a former BOQ hut from the local Navy base, was sold and moved.

The building was designed by Norman Mortimer and built by John Witt, funded by shares in a first mortgage paying the then Pass-Book rate of 5%. The minimum investment was $300, and no one was permitted to put in more than $3000, the theory being that no one should have too great a say in what was done. 32 individuals and families participated. Mike Accardi, Leonard Munson and Norman Mortimer guaranteed the investments for a few who were worried that the Club would not succeed.

Member “sweat equity” got the building ready for opening in October, 1964. Many of the appliances were donated. Members installed them, as well as the kitchen cabinets. Curtain poles with card symbol finials were placed at each window with yards and yards of simple drapes made by a member. There was no carpet, just a bare concrete floor. Members brought carpet samples to put under cold feet, and a yard and plant sale was held on opening day to start a carpet fund.

The 30 year mortgage was paid off in 12 years. The two clubs had consolidated by then, and the Club, a non-profit corporation, is still going strong.


The DeLand Bridge club Board meets on the third Tuesday each month.  We encourage members to attend board meetings and if they have an item either to present in person or by letter to the President

Welcome to the DeLand Bridge Club
165 Deerfoot Road, DeLand, Florida
(386) 734-7170
MAY Information
MAY Information

♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ Want to learn about playing on BBO--both Masterpoint games and friendly casual games?  Lessons at the DeLand Bridge Club by reservation:every Wednesday at 10 till we reopen.  SPACE IS LIMITED Call or text Lynn Berg at (386)736-6228 to reserve a place.  ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ 

Our Board of Directors met on May 19 to discuss reopening.  Given current regulations, the club house will remain closed for competitive play at least until the Board meets again on June 16.  

NEWS FLASH!  Silver Point Games May 25-31.  Triple points and ALL SILVER

♠ ♠ 299er Games Monday and Wednesday at 1:30 and Fridays at 9:30.

  Open Games Tuesday,Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 1:10 p.m., Sunday at 2:10.  

You may register up to two hours before game time.  Go to "competitive," and choose ACBL Virtual Clubs. You'll find our game listed.  Click and register with your partner.  You must know both user names and may pay for both.  This is easiest--just take turns.  

All games will be 18 or more boards, usually 6 three board rounds. Charge per person is $6. Silver Point games are $8.

Our clubs get 80% of the game fee for members--proportionate amounts for those who play in both clubs.   

List of player contacts for BBO play on left of this page.  

May Birthdays:  1-Connie Lytle; 3-Dinesh Gupta; 4-Maxine Doughton, Karen Herman; 8-Betsy Slone; 12-Nancy Bitner, Nancy Schmauss; 17-Gail Rust; 24-Rita Marie Farrell; 30-Patsy Kanagy







Changes to Constitution and By-Laws

Constitution – Article VII Section 3 :

All disbursement shall be by checks signed by one person, the President, the Vice President , the Treasurer or the Club Manager, or by  ”On Line Bill Pay by the President or anyone approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.  Other necessary disbursements may be made by the Game Director of the Day, out of game fees, if properly documented and limited to $5.00.

Constitution – Article VII Section 4 :

change heading to   Audit / Review 

By-Laws – Article I Section 4 :

Add   ------     The Treasurer, with the approval of the Board may hire an outside

accountant to perform any of the Treasurer's duties.

By-Laws – Article II Section 2:

The Board shall meet at least once a month unless the Board unanimously votes to cancel meeting for a given month. For any Board Meeting, a quorum shall be a simple majority of the Board (5). A special meeting of the Board or of the Membership may be called by the board by a consensus of three (3) or more Board members providing all members are notified of such meeting.





Florida's Friendliest Bridge Club

Our building is designed for bridge, and is dedicated to the game with sessions every afternoon except for Sundays.  We offer refreshments and social breaks in every game. We recently installed a new Handicap Accessible Bathroom, and invite all to check out our remodel.

Board meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of the month and members wishing to make comments/suggestions to the board may do so at the beginning of the meeting.  

Need a partner for a club game? Please call the club the day before if possible at 386-734-7170.

Join us for a great game of bridge in a friendly atmosphere.


The Club participates in TheCommonGame which provides expert analysis of hands and allows your score to be compared across many participating clubs.  Click on the logo to visit

See your results, hand records, final contracts and expert analysis of the hands at TheCommonGame's Club Archive.

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Free Lessons
Monday 1 p.m. before 0-199 game
Wednesday 12:30 p.m. before 0-299 game; Friday 9 a.m. before 0-299 game
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