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Dues are Due $25

 Send to 165 Deerfoot Rd DeLand 32720

Include a stamped envelope if you want Membership card sent to you

Or pick up any


10-11 am



Only local player to finish in the top five for 2020 in the Ace of Clubs Competition (5-20)

Free BRIDGE Lessons on Zoom
Fridays at 8:30
before 9:30 game
Email Sharon at
to be included in the free session
Our Club

A Short History of the DeLand Bridge Club

Groups formed in DeLand and DeBary in the late 1950’s, joining ACBL in ’58 and playing in a lot of venues, some quite imaginative: restaurants, a fire hall, the Elks Club, the Woman’s Club, the Putnam Hotel. In 1962, Pete Besom and Norman Mortimer began looking for property and found the Deerfoot Road site. Permission had to be given by neighbors to have a club in the area, and a small building on the site, a former BOQ hut from the local Navy base, was sold and moved.

The building was designed by Norman Mortimer and built by John Witt, funded by shares in a first mortgage paying the then Pass-Book rate of 5%. The minimum investment was $300, and no one was permitted to put in more than $3000, the theory being that no one should have too great a say in what was done. 32 individuals and families participated. Mike Accardi, Leonard Munson and Norman Mortimer guaranteed the investments for a few who were worried that the Club would not succeed.

Member “sweat equity” got the building ready for opening in October, 1964. Many of the appliances were donated. Members installed them, as well as the kitchen cabinets. Curtain poles with card symbol finials were placed at each window with yards and yards of simple drapes made by a member. There was no carpet, just a bare concrete floor. Members brought carpet samples to put under cold feet, and a yard and plant sale was held on opening day to start a carpet fund.

The 30 year mortgage was paid off in 12 years. The two clubs had consolidated by then, and the Club, a non-profit corporation, is still going strong.

2020 Board

DeLand Bridge Club 2020 Board 

Paul Moniz, President

Nancy Zook, Secretary

 Kathy Cappy, Financial Reports

Nancy Sharff, Supplies

Lynn Sorensen, House & Grounds

Joan Lee, Supplies

Rosemary Plane, Membership

Joan Ravede, Sunshine

Lynn Martin, Publicity


The DeLand Bridge club Board meets on the third Tuesday each month.  We encourage members to attend board meetings and if they have an item either to present in person or by letter to the President

Welcome to the DeLand Bridge Club
165 Deerfoot Road, DeLand, Florida
(386) 734-7170
February Information
February  Information

      Support our Club by Paying Your Dues     

Special Games:    Education Foundation Week February 22-28 with DOUBLE black points

♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ Want to learn about playing on BBO--both Masterpoint games and friendly casual games?  Lessons at the DeLand Bridge Club every Wednesday at 10 till we reopen.♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣    


Our Board of Directors meets next on Monday,  March 15, at 10 a.m.  Contact a Board member if you have suggestions or comments:

President Paul Moniz

Secretary Nancy Zook

Financial Reports  Kathy Cappy

 Board Members:  Joan Lee, Lynn Martin, Rosemary Plane, Joan Ravede, Nancy Sharff, Lynn Sorensen


 Here's the combined DeLand/New Smyrna/Daytona Game Schedule

 Monday 1:15 Open Game  1:30 299 Game

Tuesday  1:10 Open Game 

Wednesday 10:15 499  1:15 Open Game  1:30 299 Game

Thursday 10:15 499 Game  1:10 Open Game

Friday  9:30 299 Game   1:15 Open Game

Saturday  1:10 499 Game

Sunday    2:10 Open Game

All games will be 18 or more boards. Charge per person is $6. Special games are $8.  


February Birthdays: 8-Linda Burford; 9-Jill Croom; 10-Elliott Grosh, Greg Moniz; 15-Joan Lee; 16-Bob Sharff; 18-Sanney Etchison, Nancy Zook; 19-Janet Krohn; 22-Alice Gallant; 23-Paul Moniz; 27-Ann Magaha

Need a cheery card sent to one of our players?  Contact Joan

Chat Bridge is Back

Chat Bridge is Back

Thursdays 9:30 am to 11:30 am online using Zoom and Shark Bridge playing console

Starts February 4, 2021

Cost: $7.50 Look under "Learn Bridge", the 2nd item in the menu to the left, for the available sessions

Click on the link for the session you want to attend. You will be taken to PayPal where you can pay securely.

Your mentor and guide - Sharon Lessard 386-837-3721

Bridge Lessons Starting in February

Attention All People Seeking Mental Stimulation

Beginning Bridge - 8 weeks starting Monday, February 1, 2021 9:30 to 11:30 am $100 - have never played or need to refresh

Play of the Hand - 8 weeks, starting Wednesday, February 3, 2021 9:30 am to 11:30 am $100 - for intermediate beginners to intermediate players

All classes on line using Zoom and Shark Bridge (no extra cost).  Both are easy to navigate and use.

For more information or to register contact Sharon at

To All Members


Please support the Neighborhood Center!

434 S. Woodland Blvd  DeLand 32724

     Drop off food donations, mail or drop off checks

     Donate on their website:

In past years, we have brought food and donations to the club early in December.

They need us more than ever, so please help!



December Meeting, Annual Meeting

Deland Bridge Club

Board of Directors Meeting

December 8, 2020

President Paul Moniz called the meeting to order at 10:03 am.  In attendance were Nancy Sharff, Lynn Martin, Lynn Sorensen, Nancy Zook, Joan Ravede, Joan Lee, Rosemary Plane, Lynn Berg and Amy Whitmarsh.  Kathy Cappy was absent.

Paul welcomed Rosemary Plane to the Board.  The minutes of the September 21stmeeting were previously approved via email and access afforded to them via our website.   The Treasurer’s reports for September, October and November were reviewed and accepted after a motion by Paul and second by Lynn S.  Note that we were slightly behind in November but still coming close to breakeven point.

Manager’s Report:

Lynn Berg reported that the number of players in the Virtual Club games continue to hold steady but we need to find a way to get other members playing.  She is continuing the lessons to encourage members to play.  She had received $800 in donations to the Club for general use by members who are not playing online.  She has renewed and paid the Club’s ACBL Sanction fees for the upcoming year.  She is not sure of the status of Directors for the Club as of this point.  In 2022 we are scheduled for 3 tournaments.  She will try to get a tournament scheduled in December 2021 which would replace the April one which will probably not be held due to the Virus.  Also, Lynn is directing most evenings for the 0-99 virtual games held under the auspices of District 9.  And Lynn is teaching a bridge class once a week for a Japanese group.  She asked for and received the Board’s approval to ask members to support the Neighborhood Center as we have done in the past.

Department Reports:

Membership.  Currently have 175 members.  

Supplies.  Nothing to report.

Facilities.  Nothing to report.

Sunshine.  Several cards were sent since the previous meeting.  (Note, please let Joan Ravede know when members need to be remembered with a bit of sunshine.)

Old Business:


New Business:

Lynn Berg’s contract was renewed for 2021 after a motion by Paul Moniz, seconded by Lynn M. was unanimously approved. 

The subject of reopening the Club was tabled until the next Board meeting which will be held on March 15, 2021 at 10:00 am at the clubhouse.

After discussion, the Board passed a motion 4 to 3 on a motion by Lynn S., seconded by N. Sharff to ask members to pay Membership Fees for 2021 starting in January.  (All donations are greatly appreciated and acknowledged as they continue to help the Club through these tumultuous times.)

Lynn Berg was excused from the meeting and the Board voted to provide her with a small gift to thank her for her extra efforts which have helped us keep the Club going forward in 2020.

Nancy Z. brought up two items to help purify the Club.  The first, electronic misters to clean solid surfaces will be researched by Joan L.   The second, HEPA filters for the air conditioner or other methods to clean the air recirculating in the Clubhouse will be researched by Lynn S.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:15 am by unanimous vote after a motion by Joan R. with a second by Paul.

Annual Meeting – December 8, 2020

The meeting was called to order by President Paul Moniz.  In this unique year, only the members of the Board of Directors and Lynn Berg, Club Manager, were in attendance.  The Board Members included:  Lynn Sorenson, Lynn Martin, Joan Lee, Joan Ravede, Nancy Sharff, Rosemary Plane and Nancy Zook.

The Minutes of the December 10, 2019 Annual meeting were approved after a motion by Joan Lee was seconded by Joan Ravede. 

The Treasurer’s Report had been accepted at the earlier Board of Directors meeting and the review was noted as accepted at this meeting.  The Club Manager’s report was presented at the same meeting and thus was waived for this meeting.

The meeting was adjourned after a motion by Paul Moniz was seconded by Nancy Zook.


September 21, 2020

President Paul Moniz called the meeting to order at 10:02 am.  In attendance were Nancy Sharff, Lynn Martin, Lynn Sorensen, Nancy Zook, Linda Kehoe, Joan Ravede, Joan Lee, Kathy Cappy, Lynn Berg and Amy Whitmarsh.

The minutes of the July 20th meeting were approved after the motion by Joan R. was seconded by Lynn M.   Future minutes will be approved via email and posted on the Club’s Website.  The Treasurer’s report was reviewed and accepted after a motion by Lynn S. which was seconded by Lynn M.  This report will also be posted on the Website in the future.

Manager’s Report:

Lynn Berg reported on a canvas of other Clubs in the state as to their plans for reopening.  She reported that the number of players in the Virtual Club games continue to grow slightly.  But we need to find a way to get other members playing.  She is continuing the lessons to encourage members to play.

Department Reports:

Membership.  No new members since the July Meeting.  

Supplies.  Nothing to report.

Facilities.  New carpeting has been installed and outside trimming completed.  Lynn B. brought up the condition of the outdoor carpeting on the entryway into the Club.  She will check how to change and get an estimate of costs.

Sunshine.  Two cards were sent since the previous meeting.  (Note, please let Joan Ravede know when members need to be remembered by us with a bit of sunshine.)

Old Business:

The Club continues to basically break even with the Virtual games and continue to receive donations from members which are helping the Club meet its expenses.

New Business:

After discussion, the Board agreed to set aside selection of a date for reopening the Club and will address the issue at the Board Meeting on December 8th at 10:00 am. 

That will also be the date for the Annual Meeting as required to retain our Charter.  This was per a motion by Joan L. seconded by Kathy which passed unanimously.

The Board also unanimously passed a motion by Paul and seconded by Lynn S. which reads as follows: “Club members will not be asked to pay Membership Fees for 2021 until such time as the Club can reopen. Individual members will continue to remain in good financial standing until that time.”  (All donations are greatly appreciated and acknowledged as they continue to help the Club through these tumultuous times.).

The Nominating Committee is comprised of Nancy S. and Lynn S.  The Board gave much attention to the issue of the increasingly difficult responsibilities that the Board faces due to the COVID 19 situation.  And after a motion by Nancy Z. seconded by Lynn M., the Board unanimously voted to retain the current group of officers until such time as an acceptable transition can take place.  Linda Kehoe said that she probably will not be able to finish her term.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:15 am by unanimous vote after a motion by Joan R. with a second by Paul.

Respectfully submitted,

Lesson on Creating a Convention Card and making an Alert on Bridge Base Online

Copy the link below into your browser to watch the lesson on how to create a  Convention Card and How to Alert on BBO.  If needed the password is: f6?T%Qv8

Copy the link below into your browser to see the document completing a Convention Card on BBO.pdf: a convention card on BBO.pdf




New Bridge Lessons

New Learning Experiences Available

  1. Competitive Bidding: Overcalls, Takeout Doubles, Negative Doubles, Weak 2’s, Preempts, 2 Club openers and Blackwood.  8 weeks, starting Wednesday, December 2nd at 9:30 am for 2 hours.  Combination of lesson (30 minutes) and play online.  Notes provided. Cost $100.00
  2. A Defense Play course.  Practice opening leads, third hand play, second-hand play, signals, developing tricks, interfering with Declarer in the 2-hour play sessions that will include a short lesson and 8 hands to play.  This is a 4-week online course using starting Thursday, December 3rd at 9:30 am.  Notes provided. Cost $50.00

To Enroll contact Sharon Lessard at or 386-837-3721


Florida's Friendliest Bridge Club

Our building is designed for bridge, and is dedicated to the game with sessions every afternoon except for Sundays.  We offer refreshments and social breaks in every game. We recently installed a new Handicap Accessible Bathroom, and invite all to check out our remodel.

Board meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of the month and members wishing to make comments/suggestions to the board may do so at the beginning of the meeting.  

Need a partner for a club game? Please call the club the day before if possible at 386-734-7170.

Join us for a great game of bridge in a friendly atmosphere.


The Club participates in TheCommonGame which provides expert analysis of hands and allows your score to be compared across many participating clubs.  Click on the logo to visit

See your results, hand records, final contracts and expert analysis of the hands at TheCommonGame's Club Archive.

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Monday 1 p.m. before 0-199 game
Wednesday 12:30 p.m. before 0-299 game; Friday 9 a.m. before 0-299 game
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Director: Lynn
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