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Welcome to Daniel's Bridge School
The Monday Night Game at St. Cuthbert's is Closed

December 10, 2018 was the final bridge game at St. Cuthbert's. The game will not restart in 2019.

Services Offered
Services Offered

My name is Daniel Lavee. I am a world champion bridge player who teaches bridge in Toronto, Canada. At the moment, lessons are being offered at private clubs, online using BBO, and/or at your home. One private club that I teach at allows non members - if yo are interested in Introduction to Bridge Lessons, please contact me and I can give you more details.



The Supervised Play duplicate game on Monday nights has perminently closed. Please see the links below for bridge games for new, less experienced, and less confident players. 

Other games for new/less experienced players

1. Monday nights - Toronto Bridge Club


2. Tuesday mornings - Hazel's Bridge Club


3. Tuesday afternoons -  Trinity Presbyterian Church


4. Tuesday nights - Temple Sinai - this game is for intermediates (not beginners), but would be better to play here than nowhere.


5. Wednesday afternoons - Etobicoke Bridge Centre


6. Wednesday nights - Toronto Bridge Club (starting March 20, 2019)


7a. Thursday mornings - Hazel's Bridge Club


7b. Thursday mornings - Toronto Bridge Club


8a. Thursday afternoons - Etobicoke Bridge Centre


8b. Thursday afternoons -  Trinity Presbyterian Church


9. Friday mornings - Hazel's Bridge Club

Other Bridge Clubs in Toronto
Other Bridge Clubs in Toronto

1. Hazel's Bridge Club


2. Toronto Bridge Club


3. Wayne's World


4. Lee's Bridge Club


5. Mo Bridge (Mississauga/Oakville)


6. Etobicoke Bridge Centre

Other Teachers in Toronto

1. Josee Hammill


2. Barbara Seagram


3. Patti Lee


4. Audrey Grant


5. Wanda Pearce


6. John Rayner


7. Enid Roitman

Mayfair Bridge Club
Director: Daniel Lavee
Mayfair Level 3 Game
Director: Daniel Lavee
Mayfair Level 3 Game
Director: Daniel Lavee