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1st Sept 2019

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B1      16

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Webmaster Neil Burke

Virtual Bridge Tuesday 1pm BBO & Thursday 11am BBO
D15 BBO Virtual Bridge

Membership Fees

To pay D15 Membership Direct to “D15 bank account”

from your own Bank Account Online

                      Follow these easy steps:

                                    1. Name of account/payee        D15 Bridge Club

                                     2. IBAN Number          IE79BOFI 9004 2015 1502 20

                                     3. Reference                 Your own Name

Membership Fee is €20 For the Bridge Year 2020/2021



Bridge on Line

D15 Virtual Club Tuesday

When logging on click: CBAI #125521 D15 Virtual Club


If you logged off by mistake or lost your connection

PLEASE CONTACT Huey Daly our tournament director TEL: 087 7927736

D15 Virtual Club Thursday

When logging on click: CBAI #125521 D15 Virtual Club


If you logged off by mistake or lost your connection

PLEASE CONTACT r tournament director TEL: 087 2612604

Login from Two hours before start Time

Please Note You Must Registrer with Club or TD before you can Play

To Registrer email:

Include Name, CBAI/NBID No, BBO Name

If you registrer for Tuesday Bridge no need to do it again for Thursday

♠   ♣ 

For More Details phone 087 262 7218

If you need a partner for Tues or Thurs

Contact Catherine at 087 262 2054

Virtual Results see Results Colum

Notice of upcoming Events

Mid Leinster Region

MLR Pairs 1 Sunday 7:15 BBO (All Grades/First of Four this Bridge year)

To Entry email: or Text 086 8381825 (Before Sunday 5pm)

Cunningham League Final two Matches Oct 4th & 11th (Team captains will be get Notice)

Oct 31st Fun Teams (Masters & Novice / A & B sat. 11am

MLR Pairs 2 Sunday 7:15 BBO (All Grades/Second of Four this Bridge year)


Duais an Uachtarain (Presidents Prize National)

Sept 26th &27th 1:30pm & 6:00pm Sun 11:00am

Masters & A’s 3 sessions/ Saturday  B’s & Novices  1:00pm start

Charity event proceeds to “Mental Health Ireland”

October 2,3,4,5/6 IBU Simultaneous Pairs

December 5th & 6th  National Masters Pairs

All above events are played on BBO

Entries online at CBAI

IBU Sims Pairs through your Club

Entry at BBO all competitions

Laws and Guidelines for playing BBO Bridge

Laws and Guidelines for playing BBO Bridge

Do Not alert in the CHAT SCREEN

How to self-alert on BBO

No alerting should happen via the chat screen. When you use the chat box, everyone at the table sees your message.

Alerts are for the opponents to hear, not your partner. The proper way to alert happens when it's your turn to bid.

Perhaps your partner opened 1NT and you want to transfer to hearts. On the bottom row of the bidding box is an

'alert' button, click on it, and it will turn red. There is an 'Explain' line just to the right, click there and type your

explanation. In this case, type 'transfer'. Now at the top of the bidding box, click on '2' and then on the diamond symbol.

You have successfully made and alerted your 2D transfer bid.

When you make an alert, a box opens in the upper right of your playing area with your bid,

your alert explanation, and an 'Explain' button.

If you click on the 'Explain' button, you may modify your alert explanation. If the alert box is in your way,

you may click on it (not on the 'Explain' button) and it will go away At the same time that you make an alerted bid,

on your opponent's screens, they will see your bid outlined in red and the same Explain box in the upper right

with your alert explanation. Your partner doesn't see anything. Your partner doesn't know that you have alerted your bid.

That's all well and good, but what if you make your bid and then realize you forgot to alert? Don't panic, just click on

your bid in the auction area. An Explain box will open and you will be able to type in your alert. Again, this explanation only

goes to your opponents, not to your partner. Perhaps your opponents make a bid and you want to know what it means.

Just click on it in the auction area. just click on the bid and the opponent who made the bid will tell you.

Your other opponent won't see the explanation, only you and your partner will see it.

Other useful links and tips

  • You can claim or concede tricks by clicking the CLAIM button.
  • You can call Director at any time by clicking the blue “hamburger” menu at the top corner of the table.
  • If you are worried about misclicks, turn on the “confirm cards” and “confirm bids” settings in Account > Settings

 Myhands, results, history. The Hand Records database allows you to access your hand records.

Recent tournament results can also be accessed on BBO,

in the History panel, to the right-hand side of your screen.


Committee News

The Committee has decided to postpone all Physical Bridge at

D15 Bridge Club (Tuesday & Thursday)with immediate effect.

It is with regret that this decision has been taken. 

We deemed it a prudent measure to avoid gatherings

which could pose a threat to the bridge playing population.

We bear in mind the demographic of our membership and this virus

has a predilection for people in our general age group.

     The Committee we will be keeping this matter under review.             

Presidents Charity

The Presidents Charity Day

in Aid of the

Brother Kevins Homeless Charity

We raised €1850

Thank You All Very Much

        Laurel Lodge Road Castleknock Dublin 15, Ireland

          "The Community Bridge Club" D15

We Have Bridge Thursday Morning 11:00-1:00Approx.

(BBO Virtual Bridge Login from 9:45)

Download Membership Application

Members will be members for  Tuesday & Thursday

Club Championship Pairs

Repeat Winners

Neil Burke & Jim Egan

VP Ronnie Woods Presenting Trophy

Congratulations 2019 Winner

Club Championship - Presidents Prize

Geraldine Murphy

Club Handicap

Club Handicap System Tuesday

The Handicap will be based on Grades and competitions won in the D15 club.

The Handicap committee will meet 3 or 4 times a year,

or whenever necessary to adjust or amend handicap system.

The Handicap system will be used with scoring programs that allow handicap scoring.

Masters R - 13 (Off Score) - Master A - 12 (Off Score)

MA + A1  - 12 (Off Score) - A1 + A2 - 10 (Off Score)

A1 - 10 (Off Score) A2 - 8 (Off Score)

B1 - 6 (Off Score)  B2 - 5 (Off Score)

Novice (With more than 1000MPs) +1 (Add to Score)

Novice (With Less than 1000 MPs) 3%+ (Add Score)

Team Handicaps

 Master/A1 - 1.5pt per Round, (Maximun 12) A2 - 1pt per Round, (Maximun 10)

B - 0.5pt per Round (Maximun 6)    Novice - Add 1pt per Round (Maximun 12)

Note Highest Grade on Team Determents the Grade of the Team

Once Every Month When Possible one

Regular Competition will be a 

Handicap Event on Tuesdays

 Sept 1st to Jun 1st


Bridge Conventions - Double

The meaning of Double – as the name suggest – is to raise the stakes.

If you Double an opposing contract, you win more Points

if they fail, but you concede more points if they succeed.

When Bridge began over a 100 years ago, double was limited to those

occasions where you expected the opponents to fail in their bid. However,

it was realised that you would be most unlikely to be confident enough to double

a low-level suit bid, when partner had not yet spoken.

And that if the opponents happened to have bid,

a suit in which you were very strong,

it was far better not to tip them off: rather to keep quiet and

wait for them to get into deeper trouble.

In 1912 New Yorker Major Charles Patten and Bryant McCambell independently

invented an alternative meaning for the “Double” – the “take-out double”.

It is believed that this was the first convention in the game

(although it is now so universal that it is rarely thought of as such).

The take-out double – “partner, please take out my double into another suit”

shows an opening hand or better with no other convenient bid: 

no suit to overcall, and an inability to bid notrumps.

To learn more on doubling  contact your local Bridge Teacher or Coach,

or get a copy of Bridge Lessons (Double) by ANDREW ROBSON,

( The above extract is from this book.


 Fourth Suit Forcing

See full convention on left hand Menu List


This is a series of Bridge Conventions

you may not have heard of,

some of them you have heard of,

and some you will have seen in action.

The purpose here is to make you

aware of conventions, (not necessarily use them).

We recommend that before you try

any of these conventions,

you DISCUSS them with you

Bridge Approver Teacher or Coach

and of course your partner

Please Note: All Conventions come under

partnership agreement and must be alerted



Never Give Up
Never Give Up

Sometimes even the great ones get rejected

Looking for acceptance of Blackwood

Mr Blackwood was the one who Invented 

Key Card "Blackwood" 4NT asking for Aces


Physical Bridge is canceled

until further notice


Health  & Safety 

We have 

D15 Virtual Bridge Tues 1pm

D15 Virtual Bridge Thurs 11am

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