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Introduction & Rules
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Introduction & Rules


An Inter-Club Team of Eight Competition has been formed for members of clubs in Westmorland and Cumbria.
The following Clubs will play in the second League Schedule:


Club Contact


Ken Johnston


Sam Norman


Chris Wilkinson


Gaynor Williams


John Ellwood

West Coast

Paul Davies

The first Round of Matches will be  played on 29th October 2021.

for more information, please contact Brian Smith - 



  • An Inter-Club competition between Carlisle, Grange, Kendal, Keswick, West Coast, and Windermere.
  • Each team to be selected from membership of the club/s named.
  • Where players qualify for more than one club, the player can choose his / her preference.
  • Players can only play for one team during a Round Robin.
  • The games will be played on RealBridge
  • The Club Captain will pick their team of 8 by invitation. As a guideline the team would include two players NGS grade Queen and above and at least two players of NGS grade Nine and below.
  • All matches will commence at the same start time.
  • The matches will be played on the last Friday of the month with a start date of 29th October 2021. Start time 6:45pm for 7pm start.
  • The Team of Eight League will consist of one division of six teams. Teams will play each other in a Round Robin format.
  • Teams will be committed to playing one game per month for five months, excluding December.
  • Results will be collected and collated by the organiser.
  • A League table will be uploaded to the Cumbria website after each set of matches.
  • Matches will be played over four rounds each of four boards.
  • The HOME team (ODD numbered tables) will swap between NS and EW for the second half. (See Fixtures to know who is the home team)
  • The matches will be created by the organiser, and pre-dealt hands assigned to each half for each match.
  • The results will be determined by IMPs scoring.
  • The IMPs score will be converted to Victory Points using the 32 board IMPs to VP scale.
  • The team with the most overall VPs will be declared winners.