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Pearse McNamara Trophy

In the friendly match with Lancashire, Lancashire had a good win - congratulations to their team.  Many thanks to the Ladies at Barrow Club who provided a wonderful meal.  Thanks also to Ken Johnston for directing well, despite the technical problems.


Once again, I can only apologise for the late notification of the following players who have been selected in the above fixture.

Trevor Ward & Dorothy Pritchard, Christine Ward & Kate Cooper, Colin Woods & Graeme Walker, Peter Boardman & Glenda Lloyd,

Alan Anderson & John Farmer, Howard Brown & Margaret Thornley, Geoff Thomson & Joan Mossop, Marjorie Swan & Rosemary Jackson,

Maureen Mitchell & Harry Kay, Tony Bartlett & Ian Reeves.

Congratuations to the Lancashire team, worthy winners.

Thanks to the Ladies at Barrow Club for the wonderful meal. Thanks also to Ken Johnston for directing the event. 

Friendly match between Cumbria and Lancashire

PEARSE McNAMARA TROPHY   To be played on Sunday 12th July 2015 at 1.30pm at Lytham Bridge Club.

The Players nominated represented Cumbria in the match against Lancashire at Barrow in 2014. I have therefore attempted to keep the same team together to participate in the return fixture.

Ian Smith & Adam Aitken, Simon Smith & Rosemary Jackson, John MacLachlan & David Strawbridge, Alan Anderson & Sam Norman.

Alan Farmer & Carolynne Farmer, Mike Patefield & Jean Patefield, Graeme Walker & Colin Woods, Kate Cooper & Steve Burge.

Christine Ward & Howard Brown, Trevor Ward (Captain) & Dorothy Pritchard.

Due to me being away from Thursday 9th July 2015, Trevor Ward has kindly agreed to look after any last minute changes in the event of emergencies.

Good Luck and I hope you all enjoy the day.

Ian Reeves

Match Secretary

WELL DONE CUMBRIA, AFTER A SLOW START WE WON. Thank you to Lancashire for putting on such a wonderful tea and for the great atmosphere which was very friendly throughout the day.

Friendly Match v Lancashire for the Pearse McNamara Trophy

The Pearse McNamara Trophy was played on Sunday 13th July 2014, at Barrow Club

The team members were_;

Tony Bartlett/Simon Smith, Christine Edwards/Maureen Mitchell.           Peter Boardman/Glenda Lloyd, Christine Ward/Margaret Thornley.

Alan Farmer/Carolynne Farmer,Alan James/Wendy Owen.                    Graeme Walker/Colin Woods, Sandra Bell/ Trevor Ward.

John MacLachlan/Robin Rose,Alan Anderson/Barry Ogden.                   Reserves; Howard Brown & Manel Trepte.

The match was closely contested for much of the time. At the break Lancashire had a small lead, indeed for a brief period in the second half, Cumbria gained a small advantage which unfortunately could not be sustained.  Lancashire eventually winning with +151 imps!





Pearse McNamara Trophy  2013

The annual challenge match between Cumbria & Lancashire took place on Sunday the 17th June. It was Cumbria’s turn to host the event and as is traditional, it was held at Barrow Bridge Club.  In planning this event in future I must learn to read a calendar as the date chosen unfortunately clashed with the Pachabo (event for every County’s teams of 4 champions) and it was Fathers day.

Due to the timing, this meant many people were unavailable to play.

The day’s bridge was very enjoyable and I’ve had lots of positive feedback from players competing in this for the first time. The experience gained will help Cumbriato progress and become a stronger County.
As for the match, Lancashire were comfortable winners with Cumbria fairing better in the 2nd session.  When analysing the results we lost out consistently on just one or two boards per match per session but these small IMP losses soon added up.
I’d like to thank Kenny Johnston for running the day in his usual unflappable style and special thanks to Christine and Kate from Barrow who not only did the Lion’s share of the catering, which was fantastic, but stepped in to play at the last minute and performed really well.
Looking forward, next year the match will be hosted by Lancashireusually at Lancasterand let’s hope we can turn it round and bring the trophy back to Cumbria.  One thing’s certain, we will all be trying our best.

Trevor Ward, Match Organiser