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Imp Pairs
  Entry Form - IMP Pairs

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  Previous Winners - IMP Pairs

2019 Colin Woods & Graeme Walker (Barrow)

2018 Colin Woods & Graeme Walker (Barrow)

2017 Alan Anderson & Sam Norman (Grange)

2016​ Ken Johnston & Ian Reeves (Carlisle)

2015​ Tim Matthews & Babs Matthews (Carlisle, Grange)

2014 Terry McCarron & Philip Walker

2013 Peter Mollart & William Thompson

2012 Trevor Ward & Christine Skellon (Barrow)

2011 Ken Johnston, Ian Reeves (Carlisle)

2010 Kathleen & Geoff Bell (Carlisle)

2009 Geoff Thomson, Ian Stedman (Carlisle)

2008 Ken Anderson, Tony Bartlett (Carlisle)

2007 David & Janet Sheppard (Cockermouth)

2006 Glenda Lloyd, Peter Boardman (Barrow)

2005 Rosemary Jackson, Marjorie Swan (Carlisle)

2004 John MacLachlan, Bruce Denwood (Workington)

2003 No result

2002 Kathleen and Geoff Bell (Brampton)

2001 Harrriet Dinwoodie, Aileen Younger (St Bees)

2000 Tony Russ, Peter Ford (Keswick)

  Rules - IMP Pairs

IMP Pairs

General. Blue Pointed pairs competition scored using the "Butler" method

Eligibility. This is an Open competition for players who are members of the EBU or another country’s sponsoring organisation

Systems and Conventions. Level 4

Scoring. Butler scoring. Ties broken by EBU methods.