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Covid Controls

How we minimise the risk that members contract Covid-19

What are the hazards?

Controls Required


All players wash their hands with soap and water before coming to play

All players will follow CC instructions to sanitise as they enter the building

Nitrile gloves are available for those wishing to wear them. Sanitising will be identical with/without gloves

Sanitising will take place again before the start of play of each new round, and before collecting coats and handbags

Face and nose

Masks/Visors will be worn by all without exception, put on before entry into the building and removed only after exit from the building

Windows will be open for ventilation unless the weather is truly inclement


The only toilet that will be in use is the disabled toilet, and so one at a time.

Body contact

All players to ensure one metre distancing is adhered to.  Members to avoid physical contact with others.

The CC has a one way system for entry and exit from the building. They will be responsible for bringing the equipment from the cage to the room of play.

New table tops which fit over the card tables increase the distance between players to at least 1m.

Players all move together at the end of each round which will be announced by the Director. In the event of a Howell movement when all players move the Director will halt after the first round so players can ascertain who they are following to minimise milling around, and the director will deliver the boards.

Players arriving will be encouraged to go to the back of the room to minimise contact at the entry point.

A booking system will be initiated if table numbers start to approach 8 to avoid overcrowding


The will be no refreshments provided by the Club.

Members should bring their own if required.

Movements Coats/bags etc

Currently players stay at the same table for the entire session. If moves do occur, all players will take their bidding box with them.

Some members use sticks. Handbags are an unnecessary hindrance and should be left at the side of the room away from the exits for security. Additionally it means that there is no contamination of bags that can be taken home.


Working on the current information that the virus doesn’t survive on hard surfaces for more than a week in normal temperature conditions -

The cage has been reorganised so that equipment for each session, (boxes, score cards, gloves, sanitisers, table numbers, money box, raffle tickets, cloths ) is separated and therefore only used once a week. Members will NOT bring their own bidding box, but collect one as they take their seat and keep it for the session. CC staff will deliver the equipment plus tables, table tops, noticeboard, computer and bridgemates to and from cage to playing area. Equipment will be returned, the computer and bridgemates having been wiped down with disinfectant wipes. The director will liaise with CC staff if stocks need replenishing.

Extra equipment will be purchased if necessary so each session has a complete third set.

North will be the only player touching the bridgemate (if used), East will verify visually,

The boards will be redealt after at least a week and replayed in strict alphabetical order ( 9 cases ) and thus replayed only once every 2 – 3 weeks.


Members will pay for a set of 5 raffle tickets, useable at any session, with a cheque or a £20 note, which will be placed in a money container by the member and not retrieved until the following week. Coins will not be accepted and change will not be available.

There are to be no special guest fees. Members may use their raffle tickets for their guests, or the guests may purchase a set of 5 of their own. Annual Subscriptions have been delayed until it is more certain which sessions can continue.

Used raffle tickets will be binned immediately.

Potential infection

Spread from Contact with Covid-19 – Track and Trace

Our record of results automatically indicates which players were present on any one session and our data base contains details of email addresses, postal addresses and telephone numbers. Guests are to complete a sheet on their first attendance with the same details which will then be stored as visitor data.

Members are to contact a committee member if they either contract Covid, or have had contact with anyone who has contracted Covid.

Members should not play if they feel unwell

Committee members will monitor the Wealden stats for infection rates to consider as a committee whether or not to inform members if the numbers become concerning

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