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Restarting 2021

Conditions of Play - Club Duplicate from 17 May.

We do not currently have any members under the age of 50. By 17 May and certainly by 21 June it is anticipated that all our members will be fully inoculated. The Committee feels strongly that they should be encouraging members to recognise the enormously reduced risk of either infection or serious illness, and to return to their pre-pandemic patterns of play.

Conditions of play listed below are governed by current research and government restrictions and may be amended if these change.

Current research indicates that prevention of transmission is best achieved through vaccination , good ventilation and social distancing. Transmission from surfaces is no longer considered significant.

From 17 May – 20 June

Masks / Visors are required

Our table top additions provide 1m minimum distancing. All bookings are in the large meeting room so there will be more than adequate spacing between tables.

Sanitising solution will be on each table. The club still has nitrile gloves for those who wish to use them.

“Rule of 6”  Players will enter as pairs. Even numbers of pairs will remain at the the same table for the session.  An uneven number of pairs will make for  a rolling sitout so no-one plays with more than 5 others.

If players move they take their bidding box with them.

If you have outstanding raffle tickets you can use them, or pay with cash.

Refreshments are provided, but you must provide your own mug.

Scores will be posted on the website, but not sent to the EBU

From 21 June

It is anticipated that all restrictions will have been removed except, possibly, that of 1m distancing.

Masks / Visors will be down to individual choice, but may still be required in the public areas of the Community Centre

Play will be as pre-pandemic. In a Howell movement members will need to be careful how they move between tables.

Sanitiser and nitrile gloves will still be available.

In the unlikely event that any member contracts Covid they will, of course, notify the Club so that anyone else attending the session can be identified.

Last updated : 10th May 2021 10:25 BST