Craven Arms Bridge Club
Release 2.19o

After checking the Ranking list that appears when you open Results, the Travellers are probably where you will go next to see more detail. The format will be familiar except that hand diagrams are also shown (see the 'Hand Diagrams' topic in 'Articles, Advice & Tips' for details).

A significant advantage of using pre-dealt hands is being able to see the hand diagrams and the analysis of makeable contracts. It will generally not be possible to determine exactly why you did better or worse than other pairs with a particular board but having this additional traveller information should help.

The 'Travellers' tab allows a quick overview of all the hands for all players. To see your results in more detail you should look at your scorecards, which you can get from the travellers by clicking on your pair number in the NS or EW column of a traveller. For yet more detail click on the icon at the top left of the 'Scorecards' page that looks like a blue/green graph plot, which will open 'Bridge Solver Online' (see the 'Scorecards' and 'Bridge Solver Online' topics in 'Articles, Advice & Tips' for details).

Note that hovering (e.g. using a mouse) over a pair number in the NS or EW columns of a traveller will show the pair names.