Craven Arms Bridge Club
Release 2.19o
Using the web site


  • Recent results are available on the Home page, click on a date to view. Older results can be accessed via the 'Results' and 'Calendar' options in the main menu (results back to November 2018 have been transferred).
  • The 'Ranking' tab is shown initially. This together with the 'Scorecards' & 'Travellers' tabs, show the same information as the previous web site (but generally with additional details).
  • The 'Matrix' tab simply shows a summary of points scored by all pairs for all boards.
  • 'Scorecards' shows detail for one pair and will open if a pair is selected elsewhere by names or number (e.g. from a Traveller). Percentage scores are coloured red (worst), orange, yellow, pale green and dark green (best). 'Compare' can be used to view scorecards for two pairs side by side.
  • The icons at the top right can be used to access the Calendar, print, etc. The most interesting is the icon showing a blue/green graph, which opens 'Bridge Solver Online'. This provides in-depth analysis and the ability to replay hands, based on the uploaded pre-dealt hand details. Experiment or read the 'Help'.
  • The 'Personal Analysis' option in the main menu shows summarised results for a chosen player and period, in table and chart form.


To go to the most detailed and interesting analysis:

  • Click on the latest 'Results' entry at the top right of the website 'Home' page.

  • Click on your name in the 'Ranking' list. This will open your 'Scorecard'

  • Click on 'Play it again', below the hand diagram. This will open 'Bridge Solver Online' (BSOL).
    Or if you're asked to choose then pick 'BS Online'.

  • BSOL provides 4 views – 'Play It Again', 'All Pairs', 'Personal' & 'Board'.
    Initially the 'Play It Again' view is shown.

  • Click on 'Results Analysis', this opens the 'Personal' view of BSOL.
    Other views are available via the buttons at the top.

  • The 'Board' view is perhaps the most informative (also accessed using 'Go To..').

  • The 'Personal' & 'Board' views are complex and can be confusing.
    Click on the 'Help' button (or '?' on the 'Play It Again' view).