Craven Arms Bridge Club
Release 2.19o
A Private Table for 4
A Private Table for 4


BCL have recently added a feature to allow a Named Table to be started in the Social Bridge Room, as detailed at their Help page:

A password can be associated with the Named Table and if this is known only to the intended 4 players then no one else will be able to join the table.

Our Named tables are easy to spot on the Room diagram if they start with the upper case characters CABC and a space, and it is recommended that this is followed by the first name initials of the 4 players, e.g. CABC PRMD if Peter, Richard, Mary & Di are playing. In any case the minimum length for the table name is 5 characters but CABC1, CABC2, CABCA etc would also work well.

A suggested 'standard' password for CABC players has been circulated, please do not expose this by including it in Chat that is broadcast to all Lurkers. Use the one-to-one Chat option, as explained at: