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Bridge Club Live is an online Bridge web site, see their 'About' page at:


A group of CABC members, plus a few friends, began playing online at Bridge Club Live ( at the end of March 2020, and have enjoyed doing so. More members joined subsequently, or let us know they joined long ago, bringing the total to 22 now. Several CABC members were online with BCL before the lock down and have played 10000+ boards each!  

Peter Whitehead, Mary Lambert and Marcus Loney are coordinating this online play. If you want to know more or need help joining BCL, contact one of them directly, email or use 'Contact Us' by selecting 'Information' from the main menu. We plan to introduce each new member to BCL by arranging play in the 'Social Bridge' room on a table with other experienced CABC members only, and while talking on the phone.

We have mostly been playing 'Social Bridge' but a few partnerships have also entered competetive tournaments. Some are playing roughly once a week and others much, much more (several of those new to BCL have now played over 1500 boards). We are now also asking everyone to play each Monday so that we can compare scores at the end of the day, as an approximation of our normal competitions.

Many of those who have already joined have opted for a quarterly option at £21 + VAT, and we hope this will take us through the lock down and back to playing in the hall again. The absolute lowest cost option is £10 + VAT for 30 days or the most economic in the long run is an annual Social Membership at £36 + VAT (but this does not allow play in competitions).