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What a Week!

It has been a big week at the Cowra Bridge Club!

Firstly, and definitely most importantly, Bobby, Joan R, Annette and Bev came second in the Restricted Section at the Teams' Day at the Bathurst Congress on the weekend.

Then it was celebratory birthday drinks for three special members: Peter, Barb and Derrian.

And on Tuesday, we had 40 players for Supervised Bridge finishing off a successful day with 'Supervised' Drinks. Thanks to all who attended.

In 2024 in conjunction with the Australian National Bridge Championships (ANC) the organizing committee is presenting the Central West Festival of Bridge which will involve bridge clubs from the Central West of NSW and surrounding areas. This is a unique opportunity to play alongside some of the best players in Australia as it is the first time that the ANC has been held outside an Australian capital city

The Festival invites all bridge players to come to Orange during the first week of the ANC to compete in sponsored events and earn entries into the draw for attractive prizes at the conclusion of the Festival.

How does it Work?        

To earn extra entries in the draw, in the three months preceding the ANC; i.e. April, May, June Central West Bridge clubs can run one “Central West Festival of Bridge” red point session each month through which each participating player will gain an additional entry in the prize draw (provided they go on to play in the Central West Festival of Bridge). One of these red point sessions will be additional to those provided within the normal club red point allocation. (Please check the Cowra Bridgewebs Calendar to see when these 3 local events are to be held.)

To be eligible to win prizes the player must come to Orange and play in one or more of the Festival sessions from which they will gain an entry in the prize draw for each session in which they play. The more you play, the more entries you will have in the prize draw.

Central West Bridge Festival Events held in Orange 7-12 July 2024

As shown in the attached program the Stepbridge sponsored Festival events held from 7 – 10 July will all be Swiss Pairs at the levels of Open, Intermediate (less than 750 MP) Restricted (less than 300MP) and Novice (less than 100 MP) and Rookie (less than 25 MP). Each player will receive one entry in the prize pool for every session in which they play. A day will be divided into morning and afternoon sessions and if a player completes 2 sessions on a day they will gain 2 entries in the prize draw

The Orange Bridge Club Congress on 11-12 July 2024 will also be part of the Central West Festival of Bridge. Swiss Pairs will be played on 11 July and Swiss Teams on 12 July. A player who competes in both pairs and teams will gain 4 entries in the prize draw.

The prize draw will take place at 5pm on Friday 12 July 2024 at a celebration event at the conclusion of the Orange Congress. The major prize will be $1500, second $500 with third a dozen wine courtesy of Philip Shaw and fourth a dinner for two at Birdie- a top Orange restaurant.

From 13- 18 July the best players in the country will be in Orange to play in the ANC TBIB Butler Pairs. This is a major qualification event for selection in National teams. You can play against them in the Open Section or alongside them in a separate competition at Open, Restricted and Novice Level. What an opportunity which has never previously been available in a regional location.

We would like to encourage all players in the Central West and surrounding areas to come to Orange next year for the ANC. Further information can be obtained by contacting Murray Paterson on 0418 206 485 or murray.paterson@keystosuccess.com.au

Rob Ward, Anne Tonna and Murray Paterson on behalf of the ANC organizing committee


Welcome to Cowra & District Bridge Club
Welcome to Cowra & District Bridge Club

Cowra & District Bridge Club meet for Bridge Sessions twice a week at:
Club Cowra
101 Brisbane Street Cowra NSW 2794.
Monday Pairs 1.00pm
Thursday Pairs 1.00pm
Visitors are Most Welcome.

Please contact the Secretary: Sally Delaney

Mon 17th June 2024
Monday Pairs - RED POINT - LOCAL EVENT 3 - CWF of Bridge
Thu 20th June 2024
Thursday Pairs - P&G Championships Week 3
Club Cowra 1.00pm
Fri 21st June 2024
Bridge for Beginners
Club Cowra 10.00am
Thursday Pairs - P&G Championships Week 2
Director: Stephen Bell
Thursday Pairs - P&G Championships Week 1
Director: Vanda Cassim
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