Costa Mesa Bridge Club
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Important Numbers


Ellis 805 807 1152

Margie 310 422 9330

Barry Sussman 973 632 1652







Re Opening Details

The Club is now officially open Monday and Fridays

Game time 12:15.

If you are interested in playing You can pre register at this link.

Or by calling me on 805 807 1152.

We have specific rules that we need to comply with.


Vaccine proof required once. 

For all rules please click here or on the menu link on left hand side



If you feel you cannot comply with the rules please do not spoil it for others .

  1. Vaccination , I request that everyone be vaccinated, for most of you I know you have the second shot , if not please wait to come and play. I understand not everyone wants to be vaccinated,  but being in a relatively high risk group myself I need to be as vigilant as I can be both for your sake and for mine.
  2. Masks no longer required , but will be provided.
  3. Food, the Church will not allow food or drink inside the premises. I will provide a break round where you can eat your own sandwiches and snacks in the courtyard.
  4. Pre Registration.
  5. There will be a link on the front page of the website to sign up for the games, Registration will close about an hour before the game time.
  7. Regular and constant hand sanitization, sanitizer will be provided.
  8. The online games will continue  until such time as there is no demand.
  9. Cards will be on a strict rotation, with fresh cards every day.
  10. Cards will go through UV sanitization before going back into circulation.
  11. Card fees will be $12 dollars .
  12. Many of us have worked very hard to get us to this point, playing in Costa Mesa Bridge Club is a privilege not a right, we seriously need to keep to all regulations requested of us.