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Important Numbers


Linda Crawford- 714 968 5870

Ellis 805 807 1152

Margie 310 422 9330

Barry Sussman 973 632 1652








In order to play in our game you must have registered on BBO and have BB$ in your account.Do not Forget to update your ACBL Number on BBO

If you have never played in Costa Mesa Bridge Club online or not played in the 515 clubs for awhile, you will also have to mail me your BBO user name,so I can add you to my list of players.

You can email me on  or text me on 805 807 1152

If you have never used BBO or just want to update yourself  here  is a list of things you need to do.

I Suggest strongly viewing the tutorials  at this link.

Also how to sign up in General and a brief overview


It will be helpfull if you make sure vacb257840 is on your friends list ( that is my directors user name)

  1. Our private games are held at  LINK  
  2. If you are a member of BBO, Log on, or click "Register"
  3. Add funds with the "BB$" button
  4. go back to the original BBO homepage
  5. close the BB$ box and click "HOME"
  6. choose "COMPETITIVE"
  7. select "ACBL VIRTUAL CLUBS", 
  8. look for COSTA MESA 515 games (CLUB # VACB257840) or use the search bar above for Costa Mesa).  Games are listed 2-hours before the game time 
  9. Add yourself and partner, or find one at "Partnership Desk

       (both partners need to be logged on at the same time to register