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Ellis 805 807 1152

Margie 310 422 9330








***Margie and Ellis wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day***
Open Mondays Face to Face
Open Mondays Face to Face

Costa Mesa Bridge Club

 Having spoken with many of you individually over the course of the last few weeks, it seems there is a consensus that players would like there to be bridge games in Costa Mesa.

 Certain things have changed that would make this possible, mainly the Church have informed us that a change in the possibility of construction has delayed any construction for what seems to be at least 6 months.

 However I am not prepared to commit to reopening a full schedule unless we can guarantee that these games will be attended and we can actually pay the church what they are asking.

 With that said, if I can guarantee a reasonable game I will attempt to reopen one day a week starting Monday the 30th of January.

In order to do this I need you to respond to this with your intentions to attend either this Monday  or subsequent Mondays, in order to get a feel if this is viable.

 In the end this  is your local bridge game, if you would like it to happen it will.

Please respond to with your intentions

And forward this to friends who may not know






We have specific rules that we need to comply with.

Vaccination proof required once, Masks no longer required , but will be provided for those that wish to use them




Important Information
Important Information


2845 Mesa Verde East, Costa Mesa, 92626

Costa Mesa Bridge Club


Card Fees $6 Online / $12 Live Bridge.



For detailed instructions about playing on line please click on newsletter tab or link Below


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We thank you for your continued support.

Margie and Ellis



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