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3rd Aug 2021 21:25 BST
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Overall Top for February

Joe Melmoth and Steve Thomas


Full Details of all the results can be found on the Competitions pages


If at the end of the evening you see that the table cover is grubby, why not take it home and wash it? Every little helps!

Electronic Scoring

The electronic scoring system now in use is the Bridgemate II system. This uses Bridgemate II handsets on each table which communicate wirelessly with a central controller which in turn communicates via a usb cable with a laptop on which the scores are recorded. The scoring software (Scorebridge) on the laptop transmits information to and receives scores from the central controller which in turn communicates with the handsets on the tables.

Below are the basic guidelines for the use of Bridgemate II.

Bridgmate II Instructions

N.B. If incorrect at any stage in the recording process, use “Cancel” to go back and correct it. HOWEVER, THERE IS A LIMIT TO HOW FAR BACK YOU CAN GO, SO PLEASE ENSURE AT EACH POINT THAT YOU CHECK THE ENTRY BEFORE PRESSING “OK”

  1. Press “OK” to activate the handset
  2. Press “OK” to begin entering information
  3. The screen will reveal the table number (preceded by “A”):
  4. Press “OK” to confirm the details are correct
  5. Enter membership numbers of the four players, using “OK” to confirm each:

N.B. If a player does not have a membership number, inform the Director who will allocate a membership number; otherwise, leave blank and press “OK”; the Director or web administrator will enter the details later.

  1. On entering the membership number of West and pressing “OK”, the names of each player will be displayed:
  2. N.B. If there are errors, press “Cancel” to correct them. If a number is correct but the corresponding name is incorrect, consult the Director or Web Administrator.
  3. At the start of each new round, the Bridgemate will display the new round and the expected pairs, as well as the direction of play. The board numbers will also be displayed.

N.B. You should verify at the start of the round whether you are seated at the correct table and in the correct direction and have the correct boards on the table before pressing “OK” to proceed.

  1. Press “OK” to confirm the correct board number.

N.B. if you play the boards out of sequence, remove the board number (by pressing “cancel”) and replace it with the intended one before pressing “ok” to proceed.

  1. The cursor will jump to the second line. You can now begin the bidding. AS SOON AS THE CONTRACT HAS BEEN DETERMINED, enter the contract type and the direction of the declarer followed by "OK".

N.B. To enter the contract, use numbers 1-7 and suit or NT keys. If required, use the X and XX keys to indicate double or redouble. To specify the declarer, use the N/S and E/W keys (press once for N or E and twice for S or W). To enter a Passout, press the “Pass” button. To enter a sit out, press the 0 key.

  1. Once you have finished playing the board, you can enter the result. When the contract has been exactly made, press the = key. To indicate overtricks, use the + key and the number of overtricks. For downtricks, use the – key and the number of downtricks.
  2. Once you have entered the contract and the result, press “OK”. The score calculated by the Bridgemate will be displayed together with the number of score points as assigned to the North/South pair.
  3. The Bridgemate must now be passed to East to verify the entered data by pressing the button just below the right edge of the screen.

N.B. If this data is incorrect, East must return the handset to North for correction. North will press CANCEL to edit the data and return it to East for verification. Anyone who is not happy about what has been entered should call the Director/Scorer immediately.

  1. If the result is correct, East will press the ACCEPT function key (right hand button below the screen) to confirm the result. The message “Entry completed” will now be displayed. The data is saved and automatically sent to the server.

N.B. Once the data is sent to the server, it cannot be altered on the handset – any errors will need to be reported to the scorer for corrections to be made at the server.

  1. In a short while, the screen will automatically change and repeat all the information previously entered by North.
  2. A number of result screens can then be seen with scores, etc., and on pressing “OK”, the screen will then provide instructions on where pairs should move to for the next round.

N.B. Please read carefully and inform all at the table of this information before pressing “OK”.

  1. The screen will then revert to the start of the next round with details of boards, players and their directions (N, S, E, and W), etc.