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Need a Partner?

Do you need a partner for any of our face-to-face games in the club? If so, please call Joyce Bell at 248-542-2248 and she'll do her best to fulfill your request.  If you find a partner on your own after contacting Joyce, please call her and let her know.

What is Bridge?

What is Bridge?

Duplicate bridge is a partnership card game played with a full 52 card deck.  Typically the game is played by four people.

Two people form a partnership to compete against the other two players and their partnership.

Bridge requires the two partnerships to communicate through a bidding auction against each other.

Each player is dealt a hand consisting of 13 cards.

Through what can be either a simple or very complex auction, one partnership wins the auction by bidding to take more tricks than their opponents.

The partnership making the highest bid becomes the declaring partnership and the opponents are on defense.

Ultimately, a partnership's success is determined by their ability to make the contracts they bid or defeat their opponents when they make the highest bid.

Partnerships earn a score for their performance on each hand played.  This score is then compared to how other partnerships do holding the exact same cards! 

As a result, duplicate bridge is considered to be a game of skill rather than based on the luck of the deal.  Everyone is competing on the same playing level because you are competing against those players who hold the exact same cards as you and your partner!



Want to learn how to play bridge?

No classes are currently running.  If you would like to be notified when a class will be held, please call us at 248-356-6254.


What Makes Bridge Unique?

The partnership that bids the "highest" gets to play (declare) the contract (hand).

After the defense makes their opening lead, one hand (called "the dummy") will come down on the table for the defense to view.

Now the declarer will play his/her hand (which is concealed) while directing their partner to play cards from the dummy hand (that is on the table).

The defense will plan their strategy from the cards they see in their own hand plus those that they can view in the dummy.

As South, how do you make the Grand Slam Contract of 7C (You need all 13 tricks!) on the lead of the 3 of clubs (by West)?
After a trump lead, draw the last trump.  Play the Ace of Hearts and trump a heart.  Play the Ace of diamonds and discard a spade from your (South) hand.  Now come to your hand and trump your last losing heart.  Now your hand is good!