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Life Master Milestones

GOLD  (2500)
Julie Arbit
SILVER  (1000)
Klaus Brondum
Milt Siegel
Need a Partner?

Do you need a partner for any of our face-to-face games in the club? If so, please call Joyce Bell at 248-542-2248 and she'll do her best to fulfill your request.  If you find a partner on your own after contacting Joyce, please call her and let her know.

4 FREE Newcomer Lectures; 4 DAYS PER WEEK (Tues, Wed, Thur, & Sat) with Limited Games Following!

Address: 26776 W. 12 Mile, Southfield

(about 1/4 mile west of Northwestern)

Phone: 248-356-6254

Club Schedule

All games Oct. 25-30 are Club Championship games - regular entry fee; higher masterpoint awards.

As of Sept. 19

Face-to-Face Open Games:

Monday Open Game  11:55am

Tuesday Open Game 11:55am

Wednesday Open Game 11:55am

Wednesday Open Game 7:00pm

Thursday Open Game 11:55am

Friday Open Game 11:55am

Saturday Open Game 12:30pm


Face-to-Face Limited Games:

Tuesday – 0-300 MP Barometer game 9:00am

Thursday – 0-750 MP Lesson by Linda Golumbia at 10:30am, game at 11:00am.


On-Line Games:

Monday – 0-750 MP  10:30am

Wednesday – 0-750 MP  11:10am

Wednesday – 0-300 MP  7:00pm

Friday 0-750 MP  11:10am

Saturday – 0-200 MP  10:30am

Club Results

Our club game results are also available on ACBLLive-

Contact us

Call or text

Club phone: 248.356.6254

Grant's phone: 248.835.2489

Joyce Bell (face-to-face partnerships, no texts): 248.542.2248



BBO screen name VACB230144



Grant Petersen:

Face-to-Face Health Protocols

Many of you are anxious to get back to playing in person.  It is of paramount importance to us that you do so safely!

The first time you play face-to-face, you must present written proof of full vaccination to play.

All players are required to get their temperature checked each day when you arrive at the club.

Masks are not required, but are encouraged.  We will carry a supply of masks at the club for those that wish to wear a mask but forgot to bring one.

All tables have hand sanitizer available.

All tables are sanitized following the game and other necessary sanitizing steps will be taken to keep the playing area safe.

Food will not be supplied.  It is fine if you wish to bring your own.  As usual, water, coffee and pop will be available.

We look forward to playing live bridge with you at The Bridge Connection!

Grant & Mike

Open Pairs
Director: Bob Ondo
Open Pairs
Director: Bob Ondo
Open Pairs
Director: Debra Eaves