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Life Master Milestones
RUBY (1500)
Ping Wu
SILVER (1000)
Lori Strager
BRONZE (750)
Mike Bishel
Need a Partner?

Do you need a partner for any of our face-to-face games in the club? If so, for open games, please call Joyce Bell at 248-542-2248 and she'll do her best to fulfill your request.  If you need a partner for the Thurday limited game, call Linda Golumbia at 248-737-3340.  If you find a partner on your own or your plans change after contacting Joyce or Linda, please call them and let them know.

4 FREE Newcomer Lectures; 4 DAYS PER WEEK (Tues, Wed, Thur, & Sat) with Limited Games Following!

Address: 26776 W. 12 Mile, Southfield

(about 1/4 mile west of Northwestern)

Phone: 248-356-6254

Club Schedule

(As of February 17)

Feb. 26-March 9:  TWO WEEKS OF CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS. Higher masterpoint awards, regular entry fee.

Mon. March 11: ACBL-Wide Senior (born before January 1, 1960) Pairs


Reminder: you can always get the results of our games by going to, click on "Live Results" then "club results" and insert the club ID "230144"

Face-to-Face Open Games:

Monday Open Game  11:55am

Tuesday Open Game 11:55am

Wednesday Open Game 11:55am

Wednesday Open Game 7:00pm

Thursday Open Game 11:55am

Friday Open Game 11:55am

Saturday Open Game 12:30pm


Face-to-Face Limited Games:

Tuesday – 0-300 MP Barometer game 9:00am

Thursday – 0-1000 MP Lesson by Linda Golumbia at 10:30am, game at 11:00am.


On-Line Games:

Monday – 0-1000 MP  10:30am

Wednesday – 0-1000 MP  11:10am

Saturday – 0-500 MP  10:30am


The Connection has many bridge books for sale, including some classics.  All proceeds will go to the Alzheimer's Association.

Valentine Sectional Update

Ever wonder what the definition of a "good tournament" is?  Well, just ask Bob Mendelson.  In the recently completed Valentine Sectional Bob amassed 35.82 masterpoints.  He played in all five open events, winning three and placing 2nd and 6th in the other two.  Eight of the top ten masterpoint winners are Bridge Connection regulars.

Contact us

Call or text

Club phone: 248.356.6254

Face to face games partnerships:  Joyce Bell (open games, no texts): 248.542.2248;  Linda Golumbia (Thursday limited game, no texts): 248-737-3340.



BBO screen name VACB230144



Open Pairs
Director: Bob Ondo
Open Pairs
Director: Bob Ondo
Open Pairs
Director: Bob Ondo