Columbia Northeast Bridge Club

Membership in Columbia Northeast Bridge Club is $20/year and runs June 1 - May 31.  Please send a check payable to CNEBC to 422 Turkey Point Circle, Columbia, SC 29223 or contact Mary for Venmo information.

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Member Help
Member Help

Helpful Hints for navigating the membership features

This site offers lots of useful information to members of the Columbia Northeast Bridge Club. You may wish to update your personal information, find a partner for an upcoming event or examine a personal analysis of your recent games.  Let's explore!


First, click on the "member area" link on the left menu:


Next, input your email address, password and click "login".  If this is your first time logging in, you'll need to set your password.  Please see the instructions at the bottom for setting your password.

After logging in, the first page that pops up is the Find a Partner page.  After all, we're all here to play bridge, so there's a good chance you'll need to find a partner occasionally.  Simply scroll to the game in which you want to play and check the box in the 1st column (PR - partner requested).  If you would like to add more detail to your request, type it in the long box on the corresponding game.  If you configured your account to show your email and/or phone on messages (more about that below), you're all set.  Otherwise, you may want to add your contact info in that long box.

If you simply want to find a phone # or email another club member, click on the "Member List" tab.

You may notice there are not many phone #s on this list at the time of this snapshot.  We respect your privacy and will not publish your phone # without your consent. (Note, this list is only available to other members who are logged in. It is not available to the general public.)  If you want your phone # displayed so that other members can find you to play bridge, either change your account settings (described below) or email Teresa ( with your request and she'll change them for you.


To add and display your phone #, click on the account tab:

The top portion of the page will likely already contain many of your personal details.  Please double check these and make sure the information is accurate.  If you add or edit information, be sure to click the "Save" button. Note, there are 2 fields for phone; 1 labeled "phone" and the other labeled "mobile".  If you want your # displayed on the member list, please make sure the "phone" field contains the #.  You can add mobile if you want, but the phone field is what shows up in the membership list.

We're not quite finished... scroll down a little more to the Opt In section:

Please make sure Opt In to List is toggled to Yes.  This option controls the display of your name to the membership list.  Also, toggle the Opt In to Show Email, Show Phone to Yes.  This will show your phone # and display a mail icon for Email.  It doesn't actually reveal your Email address, but it will allow other members to send you Email through this website.  The last 3 options are for the partnership page.  If you request a partner and have configured the Show Phone in "Find a Partner" to Yes, it will automatically display your phone # along with your request.

Lastly, you may have noticed the "bulk Email" option.  Please leave that as "Yes".  It allows Mary to contact the entire membership with 1 click.  She promises not to spam you.

Be sure to save your changes (scroll up to find "save" button in upper left corner).

First time logins

Click on the "member area" on the left tab, then:

  1.  Click Set/Reset Password (Blue button in the middle)
  2.  A slightly different screen pops up.  Enter your email address, then click the Send Set Password Email button.
  3.  Go check your email.  It contains a clickable link: "Set/Reset your password here".  Click that link.
  4. The link takes you to a new screen on the website. Enter your e-mail address, then enter your password and repeat the password in the next box.  Click Set/Reset.
  5. Congrats! You are now in the member area.  The next time you log in, you only need to enter your email address and password.