Columbia Northeast Bridge Club
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More Chances for Extra Points

Earn Double Black points in all games during Grass Roots Weekend May 15 & 16, 2021!


Earn Double points (100% Silver) in all games during Silver Linings week May 24-30, 2021.

There Was a Record Number of Players in March

876 Players---219 Tables  

This is an increase of 31 tables!


Registrations are continuing to roll in for ALL of the bridge classes, too.  The continued growth and retention of members is because of what so many of you have done and continue to do to assure that this Club continues to grow exponentially!    

Thanks is all I can say.  I am humbled by your involvement and committment to make and keep bridge competitive and FUN at this club!

Mary Joseph

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Click for latest results in ACBL live:

Playing at the CNEBC, ..........

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CNEBC offers New Game: 4 @ 4

Two Games are available for late afternoon FUN and of course masterpoints on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

  • Game 1:  0-299 masterpoints at 4:00 p.m.
  • Game 2:  300-999 masterpoints at 4:00 p.m.

These games start at 4:00 p.m. and cost $4.00. You will play 12-15 boards, taking less time but earning the same number of masterpoints as an 18 board game!

So...Grab a beverage and snack and come play at 4:00 with your friends.

New Classes

Let's Learn Bridge Together:  One Step at a Time

When: Wednesdays  (5:30-7:30 p.m.)      April 7-May 5

Classes will be virtual using Zoom

Cost: $60

Beyond Beginning Bridge

When: Tuesdays  (5:00-6:20 p.m.)   March 23 through April 20    dates changed to March 30 through April 27

Classes will be virtual using Zoom

What will be covered:

  • Losing Trick Count and Game Invitations
  • Using 2 over 1:  Slow Arrival verses Fast Arrival to Game
  • Roman Key Card 1430:  Replacing Blackwood
  • Jacoby 2nt
  • Inverted Minor (with and without interference)

Cost: $60

Slam Bidding:  Secrets Unveiled

Thursdays:  10:00-11:30 a.m.     April 1, 8, 15 extended to April 29 and possibly May 6 & 13  (There's so much to cover!)

Cost:  $40 additional sessions $15 each

Bridge Rules:  The 20 Most Valuable Bridge Rules

Thursdays  10:00-11:30 a.m.    4 sessions begin the week after Slam Bidding class ends
Cost:  $50


Let Mary know if you would like to continue your Bridge Journey by taking any of these classes.  Send her a text (803) 960-7545 or email her at to reserve your spot in the classes of interest to you!

How Did This Happen??
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Dear Friends,

How did this happen over the past 11 months?  Yes. ..........

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Local Charity Game was Huge Success!

First, many thanks so to the anonymous donor who matched the proceeds from the 10 tables of players on Saturday, February 13.   Additionally several individuals, as well as, BBO sent additional checks in support of this first fundraiser.  The Women's Shelter in Columbia will be sent a check for $1,025.00.

I appreciate your generosity in reaching out to individuals who are have added struggle during this Pandemic.

ACBL Free Guest Membership

Get your first 120 days of membership to ACBL (American Contract Bridge League) for free! Click here to sign up for a new membership and please include 276444 as the ACBL club # on the 2nd page of registration.  This membership enables play in ACBL club or tournament games, provides access to the online edition of Bridge Bulletin magazine and enables players to receive ACBL Live and Live for Clubs results via email.

Club Continues Growing Every Month

In January, there were 181 tables of bridge players.

In February, there were 188 tables of bridge players.

In March, there were 219 tables of bridge players!

The Club is both increasing the number of people who play...

             the number of people who join the club...

                   the number of people taking classes!

Thanks for continuing to refer others to play and engage at the Columbia Northeast Bridge Club!

Club Kudos!

There's Good News During Covid.

Congratulations to those who advanced their ranking in March 2021; Joe Culler, Teresa Donelan, & Jairaj Prashad.  Congratulations to others listed below who attained their new rankings within the last 6 months.  We hope to add some new names to the list at the end of this month!  Great job everyone!

Junior Master (5 mp)

  • Teresa Donelan
  • Jairaj Prashad

Club Master (20 mp)

  • Joe Culler
  • Richard Cunliffe
  • Peter Graham
  • Madeline Long
  • Robin Norcia
  • Velma Pruitt

Sectional Master (50 mp with at least 10 black and 5 silver)

  • Ellen Brown
  • Toni Elkins
  • Irene Jablon
  • Loretta McPherson
  • Sally McWilliams
  • Melissa Meadows
  • Sandra Poliakoff
  • Karen Replogle

Regional Master (100 mp with at least 15 black, 15 silver, 5 red/gold/platinum)

  • Carol Buckley
  • Susan Des Portes
  • Gwynne Dilday
  • Linda Mitchell
  • Nancy Morris
  • Gail Morrison
  • Vicki Strasler

NABC (200 mp with at least 20 black, 25 silver, 5 red/gold/platinum)

  • Kathy Belknap
  • Jim Bull

Advanced NABC Master (300 mp with at least 50 black, 50 silver, 50 red/gold/platinum.  At least 25 must be gold/platinum)

  • Leslie Eiser
  • Dick Swanson

Silver Life Master (A Life Master with 1000 mp, At least 200 are silver/red/gold/platinum)

  • Ginny Chianelli
"Where Bridge is FUN"

 ♠  ♣ 

Thanks to each of you who continue to help grow this Club. There are 24 people in the second Basic Bridge Class!  Congrats to all who are making bridge a FUN part of you life!

Members and guests continue to say playing bridge at the Columbia Northeast Bridge Club (CNEBC) is challenging...yet FUN!  The CNEBC is committed to having games that are competitive while bringing back and keeping the element of FUN in all of the games.

Bridge Behavior in Virtual Games
Bridge Behavior in Virtual Games


Bridge is an extremely enjoyable game. Courteous behavior is an exceptionally important part of that enjoyment. The Columbia Northeast Bridge Club is committed to the principle of equality of opportunity. We consider it a fundamental principle that anyone wishing to participate in duplicate bridge should be able to do so in a safe and welcoming environment, and not be subject to less favorable treatment on the grounds of gender, age, race, disability, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, religious or political belief or social class.

This guide serves as a brief reminder of how to behave at the virtual bridge table. 

The most significant change in playing virtually verses at the CNEBC is that you must "SELF ALERT" all appropriate bids.  The alert will only be seen by the opponents and not your partner.

  • Post a convention card (if you are not using the SAYC)
  • Play boards within the seven(7) minute time alllocation.  Most of you are finishing boards in less than six (6) minutes!
  • Make bridge enjoyable for yourself, partner and opponents.  Claim as soon as you know that you have the remaining tricks.
  • Give credit when opponents make a good bid or play.
  • Do not engage in private chat messages with your partner when a hand is being played.
  • Do not talk by phone with your partner until the round is completed.  If you suspect that players are "cheating" please notify the Director and an investigation will take place with ACBL. Please note that players caught cheating have suffered severe consequences by ACBL.
  • Enjoy the company as well as the game.

Please remember that it is NOT acceptable to criticize your partner or opponents in the chat box.  Call the director if you note any unacceptable remarks. 

As in all games that are governed by rules and regulations, the CNEBC can block players who show unaccptable behavior from playing at the Club.  There are enough stressors in our life right now...let's keep bridge FUN at the CNEBC. Annoying behavior, embarrassing remarks, or any other negative comments written in the chat box which might interfere with the enjoyment of the game is specifically prohibited by Law 74A.