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The Longest Day

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FROM ACBL:  As COVID-19 rages on, the safety of our membership, staff and volunteers continues to be of prime importance. As a result, regionals and sectionals along with the Spring and Summer NABC  have been canceled through July. This includes the cancellation of remaining non-life master tournaments  or other tournaments this year where ACBL tournament directors are not technically required.

Hamilton Parody

Change in Rank

CONGRATULATIONS !!                                                      
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JUNE 2021_____________________________________
NABC Master                Judy Sternberg

MAY 2021______________________________________
Regional Master            Susan Des Portes
Master                Joe Culler

Junior Master              Teresa Donelan
                           Jairaj Prashad

APRIL 2021_____________________________________

Silver Life Master         Shelby King
Sectional Master           Sally McWilliams

Club Master
                Velma Pruitt