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Beginning Bridge- Join Lessons
Be sure to register on BBO and send your name to
We will be playing on BBO in the near future!
Hi Kathy,
I am looking forward to our new adventure exploring the game of Bridge. Let's Play Bridge!
Please CLICK HERE to register for Lesson 2 "Opening the Bidding." If you cannot make the live class, remain registered and the class video will arrive in your inbox two hours after the live class ends.
You will then receive a confirmation email with two links inside:
1) A link to join the webinar
2) A link with the class handout.
The handout is in PDF format. You are welcome to download the handout, print it off or just view it on your device. Save the confirmation email. You will also receive a reminder email prior to class time. You may use with "Join the Webinar" links to enter the classroom.
You will receive a weekly email on Sunday at 3PM CDT with the registration link. Be sure to register each week so you receive hand upon registration and the video two hours after class ends.
I will open the classroom at 9:50am CDT for those who wish to get set up early. I always start with a sound check and find our "Questions" box/mark and trouble shoot for those who cannot communicate.
If you do not hear sound when you sign on, please find your "Class Control Box", click on audio and choose computer audio. Also, check your computer audio volume. If both of those are in good condition, then use your phone to dial into the webinar. You may watch on your device and listen on your phone.
If you are on an IPad or IPhone, then you do not have a "Class Control Panel." You will use the Question ? Mark to make comments and ask questions.
I am looking forward to Tuesday morning! 10am CDT (11am NYT, 8am LAT).
Still Time to Join ~ Tell Your Friends!
FREE Online Intro to Bridge 8-Week Course
Tuesday at 10am (CDT) ~ Starting September 22nd
with World Champion & Master Teacher Donna Compton