Columbia Bridge Club
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Special Announcements

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Playing Bridge Online

CBC Virtual Club Games on BBO

Schedule May Change when ACBL Offers a Special VIrtual Club Event -
Please Check Calendar

Monday    10:00 AM f2f Lesson   10:30 AM  f2f 0-300 Pairs
Monday                1:05 PM    BBO Open Pairs   
Tuesday          1:05 PM BBO Hi-Lo Pairs**
Wednesday           1:05 PM BBO Open Pairs 
Thursday         1:05 PM BBO Open Pairs
Friday   12:30 PM  f2f 0-300 Pairs    12:30 PM   f2f Open Pairs 
Saturday               special   events only
Sunday   12:30 PM  f2f Lesson     1:30 PM   f2f Individual Game (1st & 3rd)  
Sunday         1:05 PM BBO Open Pairs (2nd, 4th & 5th)

                                                                                 ** Hi-Lo Pairs 1:05 PM  1st & 3rd weeks  Partnerships +/- 500 MP

Online Game Registration Opens - 120 minutes before game time  
Results are uploaded to ACBL LIVE for CLUBS and the COMMON GAME and can be found on the CBC website

Your BBO username must be on file with the CBC in order for you to participate!   For more information, CLICK here!

ACBL - "Support Your Club" - Daily Games
10:00 AM        5:10 PM        7:30 PM  
Majority of the Proceeds go back to Clubs


 '99er East - Daily Evening Game
7:00 PM

Proceeds go back to Clubs


CBC has Joined with Southeastern/Knox
Opportunity for Players with Games 4 times a Day
Open, Limited and Robot Games
If the CBC is not Offering a Game for You  - this is an Alternative Place to Play!


BBO Screen Names for CBC Members can now be found in the Membership List

District 7 & 9 0-99 Evening Virtual Game

New 0-99 Virtual Game - Every Night 7:00 PM


Play with your friends from the CBC, or make some new ones in Districts 7 & 9

5:00 PM - Registration opens on BBO.

6:30 PM - Welcome Zoom Reception sponsored by
Lynn Berg will provides mini-lessons and will be available for Q&A. Come and ask any questions you might have and watch us demonstrate features and techniques that might be helpful.

7:00 PM - Game Time - Head to BBO and look for D9 99ers.

8:30ishPM  - Zoom "Post-Mortem"  Featuring teachers including Larry Cohen, Michael Berkowitz, Rob Barington, Mike Cappelletti Jr, Alison Cappelletti & Shannon Cappelletti, Ranald Davidson, Will Bedard and more - Bring a glass of wine and unwind with our experts after the game. The Link will be provided in BBO Chat.



****** Info for Players on BBO *****

  • Players are advised not to buy BBO Bucks on an APP… there is a 30% premium charged.  Tablet users CAN use the browser to buy BB$ and play in the app.
  • Players are discouraged from using Flash V2… Flash is going away and they may not see “ACBL Virtual Clubs” in the list, therefore, you will not find your games.  You may not be using it on purpose, it may be an old bookmark.  If you are having mysterious problems, you might check into that.
  • Android users may need to update if they can not see ACBL Virtual clubs line.
  • Players to be online and ready to go 10 minutes before start time; sometime start a couple of minutes late.
  • Players need to check their screen occasionally, BBO might boot them for inactivity after a while. Scenario: register to tourney, go off to do stuff, come back, you are logged off for inactivity, the game starts, player doesn’t get in.
  • Players who in the 'Casual' area of BBO are NOT availabe to play in tournaments. To avoid missing a tournament, log out, then log back into BBO, and stay in the BBO Online Home Page.
  • If the ACBL number is not present or wrong you will not receive masterpoints and will be put into the A strat.
  • If a player enters their ACBL number within 24 hours of the tournament, Live4Clubs will not present the player name. 
  • If a player is playing an Instant Tournament and wants to quit, in order to be able to join the VACB game: Click blue box with 3 lines -> Withdraw
  • Players need to be aware that unethical behaviors are easily picked up by the BBO algorithms (talking on the phone while playing, playing in the same room, playing as 2 different people in a partnership, and so forth).   BBO is able to detect automatically such things as unusal bidding, unusual results, etc.  Be smart!  The gain of a few extra masterpoints is not worth being banned from the game!