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General Membership Meeting - January 19, 2019 12:15 PM

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for earning a place in the
at the MEMPHIS NABC in March 2019!

CBC Holiday Party - December 1

Thank you Everyone who supported the Holiday Party this year, on December 1st.  It was a tremendous success !!  I believe everyone had a GREAT Time !   We had over 40 volunteers who gave their time and expertise in decorating the Club, making homemade casseroles, and desserts, volunteers to help serve food, clean up in kitchen, and volunteers who were the “clean up” committee”, after the party was over, helping  put the club back to the way it was suppose to be,  at the end of the evening.   

I was so happy and pleased that so many of our wonderful “Bridge Family” attended this event and made it a really a wonderful time for all.

Best Wishes For a Wonderful Holiday,

MaryAnn Cross, CBC President


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GNT Club Qualifier Single Session

Join us this Thursday - November 1

Game starts at 12:30 PM

Please have a least one team member
there by 12:15 PM to sign in the team.

Drinks and Light Snacks will be provided

Instant Matchpoint Game




ONE GOLD POINT was awarded to each of the WINNERS!  Thanks to everyone who participated.

  Oktoberfest and Jane Johnson Gold Dust Team Game - October 11, 2018

TEN Teams Participated andEnjoyed a Night of 

Good Food and Great Bridge...

Everyone earned GOLD DUST!


Congratulations to the Winning Team:

Eddie Crosby, Brenda Isbell, Judy Rockwell and Charmelle Staples

To all CBC Members
It has come to my attention that the cubbies,  near the breakroom, have been filling up with miscellanious items belonging to our club members.  It is fine to store items in them while the game is going on, but afterwards each of our players should remove all of  their personal belongings.  Several members have commented that items are remaining in them weeks at a time, and our club is looking very cluttered  - Items are spilling out and looking very messy.   All items that remain in the cubbies will be put in lost and found.
I would like  to ask for everyone's help in keeping our club looking neat and clean.
Thank you,
MaryAnn Cross, CBC President. 

2018 Fall Classes

Mary Townhill will be teaching three classes this Fall: DEADLY DEFENSE, TWO OVER ONE and PLANNING TO WIN.

For more information, CLICK HERE for Flyer.

Supervised Play (Wednesday, 6:00 PM) and the Monday 0-50 Game (10:00 AM) are back!

Supervised Play resumes on Wednesday, September 5th.

The 0 - 50 Game resumes on Monday, September 10th.  

No partner needed for either session! 


We  would like to thank all the players who came out and supported the Sectional this weekend.

Once again, we came through with our FAMOUS COLUMBIA HOSPITALITY !!

A special thank you to all the members who donated their time or other resouces to make the weekend a success. 

The tournament realized a profit $1875.00  - We could not have done it without you!

Kathy Kimmerling
Shelby King

Tournament Co-Chairs

Under 300 Masterpoints Play Free on Special Saturdays

The generous benefactor for this game has extended this game!  It will continune - once a month for any player under 300 points one Saturday a month for thru January 2019!  This donor would like to see the Saturday game continue to grow and while this is not necessarily about the money, it is more to get newer players in and socialize with CBC members.  We encourage those  under 300 to ask someone over 300 to play with you, or come with your current partner. This will continue to be an Open Pairs game. Please look for this on the CBC calendar and come play.

Play and Learn

How do you get better? ... you PLAY and LEARN.  This is geared for those beginner and intermediate players who want to hone their skills and be competitive at the next level.

Could We Have Set Them?
Should I Duck the First Trick?
How Can We Find the No Trump Game?
We Were the Only Pair NOT in the Slam – Again!

Do you want to improve your game or learn something new?  Then come to PLAY and LEARN with Chris Webb.  One Saturday each month, Chris will review the boards you’ve just played.   He will pick out interesting boards, difficult boards, explain a winning line of play, show how to defeat the contract or just answer questions.

The regular game fee applies but there is no additional charge for the session with Chris – so stay after the game and learn something new!

Check the calendar each month for this special session, then call your favorite partner and join us at the CBC. 

The Longest Day - June 2018

More than $2900.00 was donated to the Alzheimer's Association for the Longest Day on behalf of the Columbia Bridge Club.  Chairs Suzy Weisman and Karen Hansell would like to thank everyone for their support!

The Longest Day at the CBC - Monday - June 18
Chair Suzy Wiesman and Karen Hansell would like to invite you to participate in THE LONGEST DAY at the CBC, Monday, June 18.
There will be 4 - 18 board OPEN games: 9:30AM, 12:30PM, 3:30PM and 6:30PM. 
There are also 2 side games: 9:30AM (0-50) and 12:30PM (0-300).
Lillian's, The Happy Cafe, Marco's Pizza and Pubix have generously donated food for lunch and dinner; members and community businesses have donated items for the Silent Auction.
Please support this worthy cause by participating in a coupe of games, making a bidi on a basket in the Silent Auction and taking a chance with the 50-50 raffle.
If you are coming to play, please consider brining a food item to share.  Lillian's, and The Happy Cafe will be providing sandwiches and Marcos is providing the pizza. 
Anything to help fill in around this would be greatly appreciated.
Not able to come to the CBC on Monday??... then consider an online donation to the CBC Alzheimer's Longest Day team by clicking on the link CBC ALZ TEAM DONATION.


ECats Bridge WWBC - Sat, June 2, 2018

On Saturday, June 2, the Columbia Bridge Club participated in the 2018 ECatsWorld-Wide Bridge Contest.  ECats Bridge is an independent organization which sponsors an international competition each year where the same hands are played throughout the world on separate Friday and Saturday sessions.  The overall results for Saturday's game can be found here:  ECats Bridge - Sat, June 2.  Here is a link to the analysis booklet that was createed for the game:  ECats Bridge - June 2, 2018 Commentary

Annual Membership Meeting Update 2018


          A big thanks all who attended the Annual Membership Meeting.  I would like to announce the newly elected officers and board members of the CBC:

  1. Vice President: Shelby King (a 6 year term: 2 years as Vice President,
         2 years as President, and 2 years as Past President)
  2. Secretary: Susan McFadden (2 year term)
  3. At Large Board Member: Gywnne Dilday (3 year term)
  4. At Large Board Member: Bob McCardle (3 year term)

They will take office June 1, 2018. We are grateful for those who so willing submitted their names for consideration. We welcome the new board members and look forward to their contributions and vision for the future of the Columbia Bridge Club.

Lee Webb

Grand National Teams Finals  -  May 2018

The District 7 Finals for the Grand National Teams have ended and two teams with CBC members had a good showing.

On April 29 at the Greenville Flight C Finals, the team of Sue Kline, Kathy Kimmerling, Martha Meyer and Mark Meyer (Winston Salem, NC) placed second in the Overalls.  Then, on May 6 at the Morganton Flight B Finals, the team of Scott McPherson, Al Kirkland, Bill Charlwood and Richard Silvernail (Johnsonville, SC) also placed second in the Overalls.

Both teams now qualify for a stipend to participate in the Mini-Spingold at the NABC in Atlanta this summer.  Congratulations to both teams and Good Luck in Atlanta!


On Thursday - May 3rd, the Columbia Bridge Club is having a Cinco de Mayo themed Eight is Enough Team game! Get your team together, bring a Cinco de Mayo food to share and join the fun! 
Dinner starts at 5:30 PM                                    Game starts promptly at 6:30PM                        
Team Sign up at the Club!

Slate of Candidates - April 2018

The Nominating Committee has presented a slate of candidates for the 2018 election to be held on Monday, May 14, 2018 at 5:30 PM. Nominations will be accepted from the floor for members in good standing who wish to serve. The slate presented is as follows:

  1. Vice President (6 year commitment): 2 year term followed by 2 years as President, followed by 2 years as Past President: Nomination: Shelby King
  2. Secretary (2 year commitment): Susan McFadden
  3. At Large Board Member (3 year commitment): Jay Shahani
  4. At Large Board Member (3 year commitment): Lauren Alexander

Respectfully submitted by the Nominating Committee:

Carolyn Cromer

Beth Campione

Frances Robinson

Nominations Now Open for 2018-19 Board Positions - March 2018
Nominations are Closing - APRIL 12!
Nominations for upcoming board vacancies are being accepted thru the Nomination Box at the Director's Desk.
The following four positions are now available:
Vice President (6 year term - 2 years as Vice President, 2 years as President and 2 years as Past President)
Secretary (2 year term)
Board Member At Large (3 year term) 2 positions open
The Vice President position was held by Mary Ann Cross who moves into the position of President, the Secretary position was held by Mary Townhill and the two at Large board seats were held by Sue Hopke and Kathy Kimmerling.
The 2018-2019 Nomination Committee includes Carolyn Cromer, Beth Campione and Francis Robinson. They will be taking nominations from the membership thru early April and then will present a slate of candidates for consideration 30 days in advance of the May 14 - Annual Membership Meeting. All nominations must be signed and you must have prior approval from the person nominated that they are willing to serve.  A member may nominate only one candidate for each available position.

To vote for candidates at the Annual Meeting, you must be a member in good standing and have participated in at least 10 club games in the period from May 14, 2017 thru May 13, 2018.

Irish Pot Luck - Eight is Enough - March 2018

Five teams joined in for the Irish Pot Luck on Thursday, March 1.  They shared Irish Stew, Boiled Corned Beef and Cabbage and Corned Beef Sandwiches.  There were delicious desserts and Guinness to quench a thrist. 

The matches were close and the team of Brent Holcolmb, HIlda Hiner, Judy Rockwell and Charmelle Staples took the top honors.  They were followed by Abdul Ghaffar, Vicki Strasler, Craig Lemrow and Sue Kline.  All teams had at least one win, so everyone earned charity masterpoints!

Remember that this game is for everyone!  There were 13 "C" players in the field of twenty.   This is a handicapped game, so in addition to the "8 is Enough" format, some teams also received handicaps.  This game is held the first two Thursday evenings of the month.  The next themed "8 is Enough" game is scheduled for Thursday, May 3 and will be a "Cinco de Mayo" celebration.

Vice President Election - December 2017

Congratulations to Mary Ann Cross who was elected as Vice President of the Columbia Bridge Club! Since she is filling a vacancy, her position is effective immediately.

Winter 2018 Classes Announced - December 2017

The classes for Winter 2018 are Play and Learn Beginning Bridge, Planning to Win, and Inspired Declarer Play.  For more information, please e-mail Mary Townhill at

CBC December Charity - PALSS - December 2017

   The December Local Charity is Palmetto AIDS Life Support Services or PALSS. Palmetto AIDS Life Support Services was formed in 1985 to help South Carolinians fight the war against AIDS.  They offer FREE services to people who have been diagnosed with or at risk of contracting HIV/AIDS, and they also work with their loved ones. You or someone you love may be living with or affected by HIV/AIDS. They are in need of testing, counseling, food, housing, transportation and other support. PALSS is able to provide assistance through a variety of programs and services – many of which are free of charge to you. In addition to the charity games, we are also collecting donations at the Directors’ Desk.   

Withdrawal of Candidacy - December 2017

Mary Townhill has withdrawn her name as a candidate for Vice President. The VP candidate, Diana Ellis will be presented to the membership at the called membership meeting on Monday, December 4th, 2017. Absentee ballots will be accepted with write in candidate options until 5:00 pm on the 4th. Floor nominations will be open during the meeting.

Congratulations to Hap Neuffer - November 2017

Hap Neuffer finished first in District 7's NAP Flight A in Spartanburg, playing with Hugh Brown from McCormick, S.C. What an accomplishment in this tough field. Hap and Hugh have qualified to compete in Philadelphia NABC in March of 2018. The entire Columbia Bridge Club congratulates Hap and is so proud of one of our own. We wish you all the best in the NABC competition.