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Board Meeting, Thursday September 12 at 3:30


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D17 Buzz

Check the Buzz for what's happening in District 17.

D17 Scorecard

D 17 Scorecard

D17 Scorecard is now a digital only publication.

District 17 now has both an Apple and Android "app" for ScoreCard.  Load this free application and get instant access to the current edition of ScoreCard, the D17 bi-monthly magazine.


Snow Closures

The Bridge Center closes with D11 School District.

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Learn to Play

Seeking to sharpen up your game?  We have many great teachers and classes for every skill level.

♠   ♣ 

Free Mini Lessons & Limited Games

 Monday evenings at 5:45,  free mini-lesson, and Game for players with less than 199 ACBL Masterpoints.

♣ You could also try our 99er game (for players with less than 100 ACBL Masterpoints) on Tuesday afternoon.  Free mini-lesson at 11:45 am.  Contact:  John Dukellis, 719-418-2574.



Shirley Scott


 Learn to Play 2/1

Refine your 2/1 Skills

Lessons beging Wednesday, January 9

9:30 - 11:30

$10 per person for each lesson

. Contact Shirley Scott (H) 598.3382  (C) 210.5995 or shirlscott@aol.com.   

Ann Parker


Fall classes start September 30, 2019.


 Ann Parker 



♠   ♣ 

 Contact Ann



John Dukellis

Contact John at JohnDukellis@comcast.net or (719) 418-2574.

Supervised Play Thursday morning.  Contact John for details.

♠ Thinking Bridge Private lessons for beginning and intermediate players. Individual, pairs or groups. Taught by ACBL accredited teacher Bob Somppi 719-659-4471, theBridgeAddict@gmail.com, or bsomppi1@gmail.com


Toshi Yingst


  Toshi Yingst (719-576-5774) specializes in 2/1 bidding and advanced play.