Bridge Center Re-Opening?

Your ACBL Unit 360 Board of Directors made recommendations on April 13.

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Unit 360 Board Meeting

The Unit 360 Board of Directors will have a face-to-face (F2F) meeting at the Bridge Center on Tuesday, May 11, 2021 at 10 A.M.

Unit members may attend at their own discretion.


Board of Directors candidates, a letter from Unit President Karen Campbell and more!

Spring 2021

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Release 2.19o
On Line Play Info

To find game search for Four Aces DBC games (CLUB # VACB233700) 


Bridge Base Online Game Information


For assistance loging on please call or text 719 502-6812 or email

Please be patient. 


1. If you are a member of BBO, log on. If you’re not, click on “become a Member (free). Important: you must enter your ACBL#  If the registration does not work make sure it does not say "unavailable" next to your sccreen name.  Select another screen name.

2. You must have an account with BBO$ in it to pay for games. Add funds with the blue "BB$" button on the top right of the page

3. Close the BB$ box and click "HOME" and go back to the original BBO homepage

4. Under the ‘Play or watch bridge” heading; choose "COMPETITIVE" This will bring you to the “tournaments” page; choose "ACBL VIRTUAL CLUBS"

5. Another way is under "Featured Areas", select "Virtual Clubs" and "ACBL - North America.

6. Look for Four Aces DBC games (CLUB # VACB233700)  Note that they are called "tournaments" rather than games. The games won’t be visible until 2-hours before game time and you may not register for a game sooner than 2 hours before it begins.  It can take a few minutes to actually show.  When it first shows it will be at the bottom of the list 10x minutes before start.  It moves up as the time gets closer.
7. Click on the Four Aces DBC tournament and register with your partner using partner's BBO user name. Either one of you can "invite" but both partners need to be logged on at the same time to register and be able
to accept the invitation.

Once you are registered to play, you can leave the BBO site, but you must be logged back on within 10 minutes of the tournament's start time.

Need a Partner

Bridge Webs has a build in "Find a Partner"  It is on the left side bar.  If this doesn't work for our games, we will try to develop another system.


On Line Play Info

While we are waiting for approval for out Private Club from BBO info on how to play will be posted.

For each club, lists have been compiled of the members who have played at that club during 2019. Only players on that list will be allowed into that club’s games. Guests are not allowed at this time. However, there is a facility for a club to add a player to their list, but it should only be used for legitimate club players – not to add a friend from the other side of the country.